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Kitchen Furniture Tips : Setting Up Your Kitchen With Buffet Furniture

When you mention buffet, the first thing that comes into mind is a picture of food laid out in separate dishes on a table waiting for you to come and feast on. However, this is not the buffet we are going to talk about here. Like how a buffet attracts you, the food must also be set on furniture that looks more attractive. Yes, here we are going to provide you with details on how you can set your buffet in an effective manner on buffet furniture.


What is Buffet Furniture?

A buffet also known as a sideboard is commonly found in the kitchen, where it is used for the storage of food or displaying serving food. A buffet furniture piece usually consists of a set of cabinets, tables, drawers or a set of cupboards, etc. Buffet and sideboards are basically the same things. If furniture has short legs or it sits directly with its base on the floor, it is termed as a sideboard whereas if it has longer, then it is referred to it as buffet furniture.

The usage of buffet furniture has seen its presence in the 18th century, but it became widely used during the 19th century due to an increase in demand. Buffets were made and built in different styles and colours, with ornamented veneers or inlays. Later on, buffets were used to display household items in living rooms as well.
Today, buffets are still used as decorative set pieces especially in vintage-themed dining rooms. It is great as an antique showpiece as most of these buffets found in vintage dining halls usually has intricate designs on the surface which complement the vintage themed interior decors.

Advantages of Buffet Furniture Explained

  • Most buffet furniture comes along with a set of dining furniture like contemporary dining chairs, buffet sets, cabinets and buffet tables all for serving meals.
  • The variety in furniture means they can be separated down according to their appearance and application. The hutch is the largest of the lot and provides extra space, making it great for storing those extra dishes. People also used the hutch to showcase their fancy and precious sets of crockery. Cabinets for storing dishes are called buffet cabinets.
  • Apart from the purpose of showing and displaying dishes and fancy crockery, the buffet’s dashboard can also be used as a base to decorate with showpieces, and other decorative pieces while you can use the cabinets to store your clothes. The buffet furniture is multi-functional and makes it a lovely addition to the house while serving a function.
  • If you were to install buffet furniture, you will realize that most of the kitchen storage can be accommodated in it. With ample space for storing one’s silverware, it is quite a deal-breaker when it comes to comfortable living.

Where To Buy Them?

Contact your local furniture store or carpenter and enquire regarding buffet furniture. if you are not very attuned to assessing the quality of furniture, It is wise to take someone who knows well about furniture and wood quality. If you’re on your own, you might want to research prior to entering the store so as to have a better grasp of things.

However, reputed stores often have dedicated staff members for assisting first-timers in buying the right furniture for their homes, you can look for them online or via word of mouth, search for a reputed store that seems trustworthy to assist you. Some stores offer buffet furniture sets this avoids the entire hassle of buying single pieces.

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