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Let the Sunshine in! Here Are Your Essential Summer Accessories

No wardrobe is complete without the essential summer accessories.

Accessories emphasize your unique style, taste, and preferences and give you an outlet to express yourself. While there are many forms of self-expression, personal style is one of the easiest and more creative ways to do so.

With warmer days upon us, now is the perfect time to add some trendy and fun additions to revamp your wardrobe. Keep reading for eight accessory must-haves for summer 2021.

1. Ankle-Strap Sandals

Summer is the perfect time for ditching your classic heels and rocking ankle-strap sandals instead.

Ankle-Strap sandals, also known as two-strap sandals, have a high heel in the back, a strap across your ankle, and another across your toes. This open style keeps your feet from getting hot and sweaty and also makes your legs look longer.

2. Carryall Tote

When warmer weather strikes, it’s time to bust out the carryall tote.

It’s crucial to come prepared for any summertime adventure. This large and spacious bag makes carting around your wallet, phone, water bottle, sunscreen, sunglasses, book, bathing suit, and other summer necessities a breeze. It’s perfect for the beach or pool, for running errands, or for a fashionable day out.

3. White Sneakers

Keep your feet looking young and fresh this summer with a pair of white sneakers. This minimalistic shoe is perfect for active days and lazy weekends and is a summer 2021 fashion must-have.

4. Coloured Crossbody Bag

No summer outfit is complete without a pop of color.

A chic crossbody is a practical choice for enhancing your wardrobe. No matter what color you choose, you’ll be able to partner your colored crossbody with multiple outfits for an instant style boost.

5. Classic Straw Hat

Protect your skin from the sun while looking great this summer.

Summer hats are crucial to any summer wardrobe. The classic straw hat combines style with sun safety. Perfect for picnicking or a day at the beach, a straw hat will put a fashionable twist on many of your essential summer outfits.

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6. One-Piece Bathing Suit

When creating the perfect summer wardrobe, you can’t forget about your favorite swimming costumes.

The one-piece bathing suit is the quintessential summer accessory. Not only will it provide timeless style at the beach or pool, but it can also double as a top or undergarment when in a pinch.

7. Sunglasses

One of the best ways to finish off a summer outfit is with a chic pair of sunglasses.

Express yourself while protecting your eyes at the same time. With plenty of fashionable styles out there, shop around for a pair that suits your face shape and fits in with your personal aesthetic.

8. Slides

While you may wish to wear flip-flops all summer long, slides are a much more sophisticated choice.

Slides combine comfort with style and pair well with almost any summer outfit. Wear them with a maxi dress and your favorite shades for a look that’s both relaxed and luxurious.

The Essential Summer Accessories

Now that you know the summer must-haves for 2021, it’s time to find your essential summer accessories.

Accessories are a great way to emphasize your sense of style and express yourself. Pick a few to accentuate your summer wardrobe for endless outfit combinations and options.

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