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Let’s Play Holi In Safe Way – Instructions for playing Holi safely

Holi is a prominent festival in Hinduism. Previously, People was sacred of the Holi celebration. But gradually it becomes more popular among non-Hindu societies also. This festival is centred around Radha and Krishna. So, it is celebrated with colours as the symbol of love. It is also symbolic of the destruction of evil superiority. Let’s Play Holi In Safe Way – Instructions for playing Holi safely.

Every year, from children to adults all are waiting for the spring festival, Holi. Now let’s focus on some vital information about Holi.

How To Protect Skin From Harmful Colours in Holi?

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Day by day, we are entering the inventive world. In the ancient era, the colours of Holi were made from natural objects. Nowadays, natural objects are begun to place with chemicals. So, we need to choose the Holi colours selectively for protecting ourselves from the chemical. We celebrate the Holi festival with our family and pals, so we have to focus on safety.

Here are some pre-Holi safety tips:-

  1. Oiling:- Before going out in the Holi celebration, it is too essential to pamper yourself with mustard or coconut oil. You need to use it all over the body. Oil can resist the chemical reaction on your sensitive skin. And don’t forget oiling into your ears, nails and fingertips too.
  2. Sunscreen:- You have to go out in the sun, so must use waterproof sunscreen above SPF 20. Sunscreen protects our skin from sun rays and colours shades.
  3. Nail paint:- Removing colours from your nails is a little tough thing. So it’s witty to apply a thick coat of nail paint. After Holi just remove the nail paint. It will prevent the colours to enter the corners of your nails.
  4. Sunglass:- Holi means the blasting of fun with the colours. You need to protect your eyes from the colours. So carry a sunglass must.
  5. Herbal colours:- Since it is too hard to identify the good colours between harmful colours. So, herbal colours are the best selection for Holi. People can make it at your home with many colourful flowers and processes. Herbal colours are natural, so they are fine and safe
  1. Avoid wet clothes:- Remember that wet costumes can welcome cough and cold in this season. Try to avoid staying in wet clothes. Washing your face and hand, again and again, is necessary.
  2. Hydration:- We all know that water is the alternative name of life. That’s why drinking enough water can give you the energy to stay in enjoyment and fight against any harm.
  3. Avoid jumping or running:- In Holi, we usually forget all boundaries and start to cherish with the fullest entertainment. But excessive running and jumping may occur injury. So try to stay in your barrier


Let’s discuss some post-Holi safety tips:-

  1. Face Cleansing:- First don’t rub your face roughly. Rinse your face with cold water and then use a good cleanser. If you feel that still, your skin are toxic, then go for a mild scrubber for exfoliation. Also, you can try some DIY home remedies with lemon or tomatoes. Gently rubbing with lemon or tomatoes can clean the colours of your beautiful face.
  2. Eyes Cleaning:- After excavating an entire day in Holi, your eyes may be tired too. So clean your eyes first with fresh water. Then apply an eye-coolant and give rest. You can use cucumber also to soothe your eyes.
  3. Moisturizing:- After cleaning, it is very much needed to moisture your face. A good moisturizer can prevent any kind of allergic reactions from colours.
  4. Hair cleansing:- Colors can easily enter your hair. It damages the hair fast. So cleaning hair with shampoo is essential. Rinse your hair carefully with fingertips to remove the colours.
  5. Body cleaning:- Apart from hair and face, don’t forget to clean your other body parts like neck, hands etc. Using body shampoo or a decent soap clean the body parts gently.
  6. Washing clothes:- Don’t avoid washing your coloured clothes. Nonetheless, it will damage and fade your clothes.

Some Guides For Kids To Celebrate A Safe Holi

As Holi is the festival of colours, our kids become too excited to celebrate Holi. They make many plans to enjoy this festival fully. They arrange water balloons, colours, pistons and many other things. But it is not to ignore that, many accidents occur unfortunately in Holi. So we have to be active more for our kids. Here are some tips for kids to play a safe Holi.

  1. Be sure that if you have kids with you, then you have to be more careful. Always keep watching their activities. Forbid them to avoid carry heavy buckets or drum for colour mixing.
  2. Give them natural herbal colours which are eco-friendly. A kid’s skin is very sensitive. The harmful chemicals of colour can easily touch their baby skin with dangerous penmanship. It may occur rash or any kind of allergy.
  3. Observe the kids when they are playing with pichkari or pistons. Some pistons are sharp which will easily harm their eyes or face.
  4. Make sure that your kids are maintaining a safe distance from main roads at their playtime in Holi. Today’s roads are so busy with lots of vehicles. It will happen in any kind of accident with the kid.
  5. Colors, water balloons are the most known fun elements. Kids are too much attracted by these objects. But be careful to prevent the colours or the coloured water from entering into their eyes or mouth.
  1. Change your kid’s wet costume as soon as possible. If possible before Holi cover them with full sleeve clothes.
  2. Be friendly with your kids. If you become a favourite friend for your kid, then he or she may not be needed to go outside in searching for fun.


Abir or gulal is the traditional name of Holi colours. Try to play with these instead of chemical colours. Always remember that your fun must not be someone’s destruction. Use safe colours and play Holi gently. If you are unable to use any skincare products, you can go for turmeric, curd, fuller earth as a pack to remove colours. Even your DIY colours will add more love at the time of playing with your beloved. So feel the colours and spread love in this Holi.

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