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List of hair colors with names and shade chart

Coloring your hair can be a very great way 2 enhance your personality and customize your hair according to your desire. Hair colors are getting more and more popular nowadays among youngsters as well as older people. Because it helps you hide your Gray hair sand as young people it also gives you more confidence with the look you want to have. But it may be a hassle for inexperienced people to choose their hair color and make full use of the colored charts. That you get while buying new hair colors. Sometimes it gets very confusing to choose the right hair color and apply it properly because it can be difficult sometimes.

The hair color charts come to help you in many ways if you want to color your hair.

What are the four main hair colors?

When it comes to hair colors, four main colors come to mind and are generally used that is blonde, red, black, and brunette. These basic colors can be played with add to create new colors like ash blonde and champagne and many other colors. Which you find while buying hair colors. In this article,  we’re here to help you with choosing hair colors and providing you with the proper shade charts to make you less confused about selecting your hair color.

Can you create a mix of colors to suit your preference?

Most of the time you can find your desired color from the pre-made shade charts. However, you can mix different basic shades to create new colors of your choice.

The above-mentioned process where you mix different basic colors to create a color of your preference can be applied to all types of colors. And it can provide the exact color that you are looking for which suits your needs and desires. 

Is a hair color shade chart helpful?

a hair-colored shade chart shows different color tones from blonde to black. And this helps you to decide the color that you want. It makes it a lot easier to find a shade from a wide range and have an idea about it. What it can look like on your head as the pictures come with their appearance on a hair strand. The charts provide many options to choose from. There are three different tones in which the colors are divided that is the cool warm and the neutral tones. 

Shade charts from major market players! 

Further below in this article,  you will find the different shade charts from major brands like Garnier and Loreal. And these are genuine charts from where you can choose yard shade. If it was not for these charts then it would have been a huge ordeal for you. Look for the perfect colors that would suit well on your head. Without any further ado let’s get on with the shade charts and you can find your favorite color on the lists provided below. Sometimes you may think that some colors are repeated with different names in the shared charts,  but they are actually different sets with minor differences which you will understand.

L’Oreal Feria’s Hair Color Chart

Loreal Paris is a very trusted brand when it comes to hair colors and other cosmetics and is known all over the world. you can blindly trust their products and especially when it comes to hair colors and shades, and they are an excellent brand and provides the best products that you can find anywhere.  The Faria line shows the brightness and the richness of hair color and they are the best-looking colors that you can find among any products in the market.  the most selling colors are sunflower blonde which is a great pick for summer because it has a warm tint. However, if you like cooler tones, you can go with the crushed garnet.

As you can see in the picture there are a lot of colors like the chocolate shady and midnight Ruby. It was you can choose from them when you are choosing a hair color from Loreal. However, if you are looking for a simpler color to go for you can choose the leather black. Which can never go wrong and shoots perfectly well with most of hair types. 

Clairol’s Perfect 10’s Hair Color Chart

Clairol, As a brand is known for its mastery over the blonde and brown shades for hair colors.  They provide the best and most stunning variants of colors. That you can choose and they have your colored for most of the different shades and tones that you would like to go for. You can see what we’re talking about when you see the shade chart there. This shows a wide variety of colors to choose from and it’s perfect for any type of hair. The most selling and most attractive shades are the ash blonde and light golden brown. Which all attract many people and followed by them is the reddish blonde shade. 

You can choose your color from the chart above. And there are many colors to choose from as we have mentioned in the description. You can choose from light Auburn comedian Auburn, espresso, red hot cinnamon, dark golden brown, and simple jet black. Many people who are looking for getting simpler tones often opt for jet black. Or the espresso color because they look effortless and go with most hair types very well. 

Garnier Nutrisse’s Hair Color Chart 

Who does not know Garnier? Everybody knows them as they have made their position as a top hair care brand clear. For the widest variety of collections to choose from you can get any hair color. That you want and can imagine from the Garnier shade list and it will not disappoint you with the quality. And the time for which the colors stay on your hair without damaging your hair.

They have made a very good will for their name in the market by providing high-quality hair care products. And other skin care products to two happy customers for many years.  The shared chart offers 38 total colors to choose from. And there are very good cool neutral and warm tones among them. However, some colors are very unique and stand out from the other hair color charts. They are the red pomegranate light reddish brown and the deep burgundy. Provided below is their shade chart.

We have discussed in detail the different kinds of hair colors. And the main brands from which you can get shade charts and different colors.  Now it is time to discuss the safety of using hair colors. And dyes before you use them as you need to know the pros and cons of a product.

Is it safe to use hair colors on our hair?

This is not a very simple question and the answer will not put in simple words. Because there are many factors associating with this process which depend on how you use it.  Hair colors and dyes can damage your hair if you recklessly use them on your hair. But there are ways in which you can repair hair damage instantly. And not damage your hair in the long run while using hair colors. Some chemicals effectively harm your hair while you are using hair colors. So you should keep in mind while buying hair colors to be safe from these products which contain these chemicals.

  • Bleach- It can drastically affect your hair strength,  your hair’s ability to withstand heat, and makes your hair dry.
  • Henna – it is a natural product but it doesn’t mean that it is less harmful.
  • P-phenylenediamine- it reports in many allergic reactions.

 However, there are some prevention methods that you can follow.

How can I prevent my hair from getting damaged by hair colors? 

Here are the best ways in which you can minimize hair damage. That happens for continuous usage of hair colors or dyes.

  • Using hair dyes that have conditioners: having conditioners reduces the harmful effects of dyes and colors.
  • Do not use heat styling. Which may include flat iron, curling iron, or hair dryers as it damages the hair.
  • Dye your hair to a color that is closer to the original color of the hair.
  • Do not dye your hair very frequently and keep a little bit of gap between two color appointments.
  • Use conditioning shampoos- using this can benefit your hair as it helps it be moist.
  • Use color-specific haircare shampoos and other hair care products.
  • To stay safe from allergic reactions. You can put the color in a small area and see if any allergy happens. If not then you can apply it on all your hair. This way you can stay on the safer side.

After all,  the care you give to your hair will decide how much your hair remains harm free. From the chemicals in the hair dyes and colors.  You can use the hair colors and dyes by keeping a safe gap between the two sessions. Because that will reduce and minimize the damage that will repeatedly use of these colors. So you can Dyer here safely and enjoy the new look that you want to have. You can also use vegetable-based dyes which are more organic in nature and less harmful to the hair.

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