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Lockdown Shopping Tips – Tips to shop during the lockdown in pandemic

Everyone wants a great deal for shopping, especially when cash flow is not certain like in this pandemic and lockdown. These inside tips can save you a good amount of money by shopping online. Most of the vendors have increased their prices and have stopped offering offers like buy 1 get 1 free. 

Based on research, weekly shopping costs have risen more than normal days’ costs. So having an idea regarding how much to spend will give you a plan to fulfill household needs.  You can create a proper budget to shop while comparing prices of products on different sites. Most of the shopping sites now offer discounts on your smartphones where you can get easy access from where you can shop. Your smartphone has the right deal for which you are looking out. 

Don’t be a Brand Social Climber

You can shift your preference from usual brands to your own brand product vendors. Don’t be a brand snob as try to use other brand products as well. Many vendors will reduce price products in times of their closing.

Therefore it has a worth of performing snooping to locate which shop has this type of offer. Stores mainly provide discounts on some products which they feel that their value is about to go off. Therefore, stores that are clearing their stock out can be a great place to get items for the real price. With no doubt, it is not possible to create a shopping list depending upon those items but it is worth looking out for those items. 

The stores are larger and have many types of products that are cheaper than local stores and you can go for online shopping with them. You have to pay more while shopping at a local store so it is told to shop in large stores online.  Shopping while you are hungry can reduce your ability to make decisions, it is suggested to not do that. 

Here are some tips to shop more effectively- 

Do shop on Wednesday and Friday

As most of the vendors provide discounts on such days, so you can shop on these days. Therefore if you wait for these days, you can save most of the money on the items you have an eye on. 

Keep an eye on store tags

Just look out more inside of the store tags which are supposed to be visible on online sale. As you could avail various offers by checking tags mainly clothing. At the time of preparation of sale, they scribbled out offers on various sites and store tags.

Buy only necessary items

You should only focus on items which you require on a current basis. Mostly you can avail offers by buying summer outfits cheaper in early winter time. You can shop in the opposite times where demand for products is lower. You can take advantage of clearance offers. If you require something on an urgent basis, then only shop online in lockdown. 

Loosen up your basket and look out at it

Just keep your wanted items in your cart and then delete it at the time of payment. There is a high chance that brand will call you again to buy that product by offering different discount codes. The higher the worth of any item, the more will be the discount. Though it is not certain what’s the problem in trying this out.

Use payment sites which provide cashbacks-

You can attain money on what you buy by using sites who provide cashback on the purchase. Though you wont get money right back but you will get cashback on your purchase online. 

Get assurity to get refund of delivery fee if you return any product

Vendors do not provide delivery fee refund as shopper do not have idea that they should get it. You are entitled to get a refund back of delivery fee in 14 days of return period. If they are not providing then it’s your call to ask for it. 

Locate good deals-

Most of the online sites offer reasonable deals during different days. You just need to hunt for those deals, grab it and go for it. Buy your wanted items as it is hard to wait but a good deal can lighten your mood after a long wait. 

Find out more discount codes

When a chat pops up and says it’s a discount or sale time, don’t ignore it. Just look and see if it’s useful or not. Find out different sites which provide first user discount coupons. There is no certainty that it will work but you can try it often as it has been done a handful of times. 

Know about more tools to get free online delivery

There are some tools which help you out in getting free delivery and that will also allow you to find your cheapest item and will add that in your cart. 

Buy used items

This is not a common approach of shopping, but you can consider buying long term durable goods through sites selling used items. At this time of pandemic, most of the people are looking to sell their items more than before. So with good research, you can get beneficial second hand items at a reasonable price. 

By getting access to different online grocery and other items sites, you can shop easily at the time of lockdown. You just have to use your coupon at the right time and set alerts on google to know more about online sales. 

It is essential for you to take precautions if you’re going to shop at a local store. You should go out only when it is highly required. 

Here are some tips-

  • Wear a mask
  • Step out only if required
  • Bring items for necessity 
  • Maintain social distance
  • Do not touch your hands where it is not required. 

It is suggested to buy from online stores as most of them are delivering online in order to maintain safety for you and your family. 

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