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Long Weekends in 2024: A Guide to Planning

Long Weekends in 2024: A Guide to Planning Your Getaways

Are you ready for an exciting year of travel in 2024? Throughout the upcoming months, we have several long weekends that create perfect opportunities for travel enthusiasts to embark on memorable getaways in India. In this guide, we’ll explore these extended breaks, offering a roadmap for those eager to break away from their routines and immerse themselves in the rich landscapes and diverse cultures of India.

Whether you’re drawn to the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas or the sun-soaked beaches along the southern coast, each long weekend presents a chance for new experiences and adventures. Whether you’re a culture enthusiast, nature lover, or someone seeking spiritual serenity, this guide is here to be your reliable companion, offering insights, recommendations, and tips to help you make the most of these valuable breaks. 

Month  Holidays  Dates
January 2024 Long Weekends  New Year’s Day  Saturday, December 30

Sunday, December 31

Monday, January 1 

  January 2024 Long Weekends  Lohri, 

Makar Sankranti,


Saturday, January 13

Sunday, January 14

Monday, January 15

  January 2024 Long Weekends  Republic DayFriday, January 26

Saturday, January 27

Sunday, January 28

  March 2024 Long Weekends  Maha Shivratri,

Gudi Padwa

Friday, March 8

Saturday, March 9

Sunday, March 10

  March 2024 Long Weekends  HoliSaturday, March 23

Sunday, March 24

Monday, March 25

  March 2024 Long Weekends  Good Friday,


Friday, March 29

Saturday, March 30

Sunday, March 31

  May 2024 Long Weekends  Buddha PurnimaThursday, May 23

Friday, May 24 (Take a leave)

Saturday, May 25

Sunday, May 26

  June 2024 Long Weekends   Bakri EidFriday, June 14 (Take a leave)

Saturday, June 15

Sunday, June 16

Monday, June 17

  August 2024 Long Weekends  Independence Day,

Raksha Bandhan 

Thursday, August 15

Friday, August 16 (Take a leave)

Saturday, August 17

Sunday, August 18

Monday, August 19

  August 2024 Long Weekends  JanmashthamiFriday, August 23 (take a leave)

Saturday, August 24

Sunday, August 25

Monday, August 26

  September 2024 Long Weekends  Onam,

Ganesh Chaturthi

Thursday, September 5

Friday, September 6: (take a leave)

Saturday, September 7

Sunday, September 8

  September 2024 Long WeekendsEid Milad Un NabiSaturday, September 14

Sunday, September 15

Monday, September 16

  October 2024 Long Weekends  Maha Navami,


Friday, October 11

Saturday, October 12

Sunday, October 13

Long weekends in November 2024Dhanteras, Diwali,

Bhai Dooj

Tuesday, October 29

Wednesday, October 30, (Take a leave)

Thursday, October 31

Friday, November 1

Saturday, November 2

Sunday, November 3

Long weekends in November 2024Guru Nanak JayantiFriday, November 15

Saturday, November 16

Sunday, November 17 


Long Weekends In 2024 (Month-wise) 

For those looking to make the most of their time off in 2024, we’ve got you covered. Our detailed guide breaks down the long weekends month by month, so you can plan your vacations wisely. Explore the potential for extended breaks and uncover a year full of travel opportunities. Find out where your next adventure awaits, and don’t forget to check out the deals on Tripadvisor for perfect discounts on all your travel bookings. 

  1. January 2024: Kickstart the Year with a Travel Bang

Long Weekends in January:

1) Monday, January 1: New Year’s Day 

Optional — Tuesday, January 2 (Take the day off) 

(Holidays On Saturday, December 30 and Sunday, December 31 2023)

2) Saturday, January 13: Lohri

Sunday, January 14

Monday, January 15: Makar Sankranti, Pongal

Optional — Tuesday, January 16 (Take the day off)

3) Friday, January 26: Republic Day

Saturday, January 27

Sunday, January 28

January is a great time to kickstart your travel plans for the year. The month offers multiple long weekends, making it an ideal time to explore destinations that might be on your bucket list.

Recommended Destinations:

Consider visiting Auli for snow sports, Jaipur for its rich heritage, or Goa for a sun-soaked beach retreat.


  • Plan and book in advance to secure the best deals on accommodations and transportation.
  • Pack accordingly based on the weather conditions of your chosen destination.
  1. March 2024: Embrace the Colors of Holi and Beyond

Long Weekends in March:

1) Friday, March 8: Maha Shivratri

Saturday, March 9: Gudi Padwa

Sunday, March 10

2) Saturday, March 23

Sunday, March 24

Monday, March 25: Holi

Optional — Tuesday, March 26 (Take the day off)

3) Friday, March 29: Good Friday

Saturday, March 30

Sunday, March 31: Easter

March is the month of vibrant celebrations, with Holi and Easter bringing color and joy. The long weekends in March offer the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in these festivities.

Recommended Destinations:

Vrindavan-Mathura for Holi; Ooty for picturesque views; Ranthambore, Rajasthan, for wildlife spotting; Sikkim for a peaceful getaway; Mount Abu for a pilgrimage; and Hampi for its ruins and landscapes.


  1. May 2024: Buddha Purnima Serenity

Long Weekend in May:

1) Thursday, May 23: Buddha Purnima

Friday, May 24 (Take the day off)

Saturday, May 25

Sunday, May 26

May brings a sense of tranquility, making it an excellent time for a peaceful getaway. The long weekend around Buddha Purnima provides ample time to explore serene destinations.

Recommended Destinations:

Visit McLeod Ganj for its Tibetan influence, Rishikesh for a spiritual retreat, or Pondicherry for its unique blend of cultures.


  • Plan activities that align with the calm and reflective nature of Buddha Purnima.
  • Engage in mindfulness practices to make the most of the serene atmosphere.
  1. June 2024: Celebrate Bakri Eid with a Getaway

Long Weekend in June:

1) Saturday, June 15

Sunday, June 16

Monday, June 17: Bakri Eid

Tuesday, June 18 (Take the day off)

June offers a unique combination of a long weekend and the celebration of Bakri Eid, providing an excellent opportunity for a cultural and festive experience.

Recommended Destinations:

Explore the cultural richness of Hyderabad, indulge in the beauty of Shimla, or experience the vibrant markets of Delhi.


  • Immerse yourself in local festivities and traditions during Bakri Eid.
  • Try local delicacies to enhance your cultural experience.
  1. August 2024: Independence Day Extravaganza

Long Weekend in August:

1) Thursday, August 15: Independence Day and Parsi New Year

Friday, August 16 (Take the day off)

Saturday, August 17

Sunday, August 18

Monday, August 19: Raksha Bandhan (Restricted)

2) Saturday, August 24

Sunday, August 25

Monday, August 26: Janmashthami

Optional — Tuesday, August 27 (Take the day off)

August is a month of patriotic fervor with Independence Day, and the long weekends offer a chance for an extended celebration.

Recommended Destinations:

Head to Amritsar for a patriotic experience, explore the beauty of Manali or unwind in the backwaters of Kerala.


  • Attend local Independence Day celebrations for a true cultural experience.
  • Be mindful of any travel restrictions during Raksha Bandhan.
  1. September 2024: Ganesh Chaturthi Extravaganza

Long Weekend in September:

1) Thursday, September 5: Onam (Restricted)

Friday, September 6 (Take the day off)

Saturday, September 7: Ganesh Chaturthi

Sunday, September 8

2) Saturday, September 14

Sunday, September 15

Monday, September 16: Eid Milad Un Nabi (Restricted)

September is a month of diverse celebrations, from Onam to Ganesh Chaturthi. The long weekends provide an opportunity to witness these cultural events.

Recommended Destinations:

Experience the grandeur of Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai, witness the Onam celebrations in Kerala, or explore the historic charm of Hampi.


  • Participate in local festivities and understand the significance of the celebrations.
  • Explore regional cuisines and traditional practices during your visit.
  1. October 2024: Diwali Delights

Long Weekend in October:

1) Friday, October 11: Maha Navmi (Restricted)

Saturday, October 12: Dussehra

Sunday, October 13

October marks the festival of lights, Diwali. The long weekends offer a chance to witness the grandeur of Diwali celebrations across the country.

Recommended Destinations:

Visit Varanasi for a spiritual Diwali, explore the illuminated streets of Jaipur, or experience the cultural richness of Kolkata.


  • Be part of local Diwali events for an unforgettable experience.
  • Respect noise and pollution restrictions during Diwali celebrations.
  1. November 2024: Guru Nanak Jayanti Bliss

Long Weekend in November:

1) Friday, November 1: Diwali

Saturday, November 2

Sunday, November 3: Bhai Dooj

Optional — November 4 (Take the day off)

2) Friday, November 15: Guru Nanak Jayanti (Restricted)

Saturday, November 16

Sunday, November 17

November brings a mix of Diwali celebrations and the serene observance of Guru Nanak Jayanti, offering a diverse cultural experience.

Recommended Destinations:

Explore the Golden Temple in Amritsar, witness the grandeur of Diwali in Varanasi, or seek tranquility in the hills of Darjeeling.


  • Visit historical and religious sites to immerse yourself in the cultural significance.
  • Take part in local customs during Guru Nanak Jayanti celebrations.
  1. December 2024

Regrettably, December doesn’t offer any holidays for an extended weekend this year. Nevertheless, looking ahead to 2025, there are promising long weekends that will likely make up for it.


As 2024 unfolds with its plethora of long weekends, the key to a memorable travel experience lies in meticulous planning and a willingness to embrace the cultural diversity India has to offer. From the vibrant festivals of Holi and Diwali to the serene observance of Buddha Purnima and Guru Nanak Jayanti, each long weekend presents a unique opportunity to explore the rich tapestry of the country.

Remember to respect local customs, indulge in regional cuisines, and capture the moments that make each journey special. Whether you choose the snowy landscapes of Auli, the cultural heritage of Hampi, or the festive fervor of Mumbai during Ganesh Chaturthi, these long weekends are your ticket to creating lasting memories in the incredible land of India. Happy travels!

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