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Makeup Tips and Hacks For Beginners

Makeup Tips and Hacks For Beginners

Makeup Tips and Hacks

The first thing comes to our mind when we get ready for any invitation, that is makeup. Makeup actually means cosmetics that we apply to our face to enhance our appearance. Like lipstick, powder, or any other products. Cosmetics are chemical-based products, usually derived from natural sources. Sometimes some synthetically created products are also available.

Makeup Tips and Hacks For Beginners

These cosmetics are used for various purposes. The products that are outlined for skincare or personal care are used to cleanse your skin. Again, products designed for altering one’s appearance, conceal flaws, or intensify natural attributes, such as eyebrows or eyelashes. Makeup has the power to change one’s facial appearance completely and be like someone different.

Talking about makeup, we need to focus on many things and be careful about what we use or apply to our face and skin. We also need to focus on the product qualities and our skin types. Using harsh ingredient makeup products can result in acne-prone skin. This will further lead to many problems and one can also suffer from breakouts.

There are large numbers of different makeup products, used for various reasons, and all these products are typically intentional to use externally. Most cosmetics are known for the body area, intended for application. Cosmetics used on the face or eyes are likely to be applied with a brush (different types of brushes are available with different angles, for different usage or application of makeup), makeup sponges (for blending the base of makeup), or fingertips.

Best Makeup Products you surely need to get

Choosing the right product for a flawless look is not that easy. Before we start doing our makeup and getting ready, we need to know about the products that are used. Here are some makeup tips for beginners; products that one should use for applying makeup products –

1.Complexion Products


Primers are used at the beginning, before applying the foundation. Primers are available in gel, cream, or in spray forms. Primers are mostly used to create even surfaces for applying makeup. It fills fine lines and blurs large pores of your skin. This step is amazing and liked by many as it helps makeup blend evenly on your skin, lasts longer, and doesn’t make your makeup look cakey.


If you’re totally into makeup for beginners, you surely need to have the best foundation at your fingertips. Foundations are also available in liquid, cream, or powder form, and for different skin tones. It evens out skin tones and smoothens imperfections.


Concealer is another makeup product that is equipped for under-eye brightness or for additional coverage on some selected patches like dark circles, acne scars, breakouts, and many more. One can opt for a concealer with a matte or dewy finish, according to their deciding looks.

Highlighter and Contour:

Highlighters and Contours are the secrets behind all these perfectly svelte looks, we often find on celebs and influencers. Contour always adds depth to your skin, while highlighters bring another glow or light to your face. Using them together, add an overall effect and dimension to your skin. Since skin tones and types vary for everyone; it is preferable to check which form of these products flaunts you.

Blush and Bronzer:

When it comes to makeup for beginners, there is a common confusion, everyone makes. And that is confusing contour and bronzer. To clear this confusion, one should remember that contour gives shadows while bronzer adds a natural sun-kissed glow that focuses and haul up your cheekbones. Bronzers are accessible in liquid, cream, and powder. On the other side, blushes are used for adding some hints of color over your cheeks, and like bronzers and other products; blush is also available in liquid, cream, and powder formulas.

Makeup Tips and Hacks For Beginners

Setting Products:

We all love to lock a precise look on our place. Here, setting powder does its trick. A finishing powder smoothens blur pores and fine lines. It helps in giving a splashing finish. Again, a setting spray adds dewiness for securing the look.

2.Eye Products

Eye shadow Primer:

Complexion Primers contain silicone or water, but it is mostly preferred to use delegate eye shadow primers on your eyelids. They provide more grips over your eye makeup and allow eye shadow to stay all day set.

Eye shadow:

Eye shadow is generally a brindle cream or powder used to bring more focus to your eyelids. The eye shadow colors are of different finishes, from matte to shimmering, and shades, from duo chrome and satin. These also contain different levels of pigmentation.


Eyeliner is another eye makeup product that is used for defining eyes and their shapes, and providing a completely different look. One can opt for variant types of eyeliner like gel, pencil, cream, or liquid according to their styles.


Mascara plays a very important role in enhancing our eyelashes. One can make their eyelashes look thicker, fuller, longer, and darker according to the formula.

Makeup Tips and Hacks For Beginners

3.Eyebrow Products

 Eyebrow gel:

As the name suggests, this eyebrow product is a gel-based formula that keeps brow hair set. Its formula is generally clean or tinted, natural, and extra-hold.

Eyebrow pencil:

This pencil is used for drawing brow hair that looks natural finish the look. It resembles real hair as well as does a fine tip stroke.

Eyebrow powder:

Eyebrow powder works remarkably in filling all the sparse spots. It is a very useful makeup tip for beginners.

Makeup Tips and Hacks For Beginners


4.Lip Products

 Lip Primer:

Just like any other makeup primer, a lip primer also provides a smooth surface for your lip products and holds the lip makeup longer.

Lip pencil:

Lip pencil is used to outline your lip shape, set the framework, and enhance the shape of your lip. It also prevents from spreading lipsticks. In addition to filler your lip to more pout, use lip liner to contour a slightly over-line.


This lip product, adds color to your lips, for further enhancement of your lip filler. It is available in different forms, matte to liquid, glossy to crayons. Also, different shades and colors of complexion are available.

Lip Gloss:

This lip product creates a glossy look. It is usually applied over lipsticks for further glossiness. It is available in various colors, starting from translucent to highly pigmented.

Makeup Tips and Hacks For Beginners

Let us see the process of applying makeup

1.Prep Your Skin

Before applying any makeup or cosmetics, it is very important to prepare your skin first. If your skin is not properly prepped, your makeup base will not get a flawless glimpse. The contour will look cakey while the foundation will look too heavy. To get your skin ready, there are some easy steps you can follow –

  • Clean your face with any foaming face wash.
  • Ice dip your face fully, and keep icing for 2-5 mins.
  • Use gel-based toner to tone your skin.
  • Use vitamin C serum for nourishing skin.
  • Use moisturizer and keep massaging till it dries.

2.Apply Primer

To acquire the best and flawless result, use the right primer according to your skin type. Primers should be applied in sheer layers as suggested by professionals. One should focus on thin coatings over the forehead, cheek, and chin. It allows blurring and mattifying the T-zone area of your face, which is the oiliest part of your face.

3.Apply Foundation and Concealer

After prepping your skin and priming it properly, you can use makeup products. The foundation is generally used before concealer, but in certain make-up, concealer is used first. Follow some basic makeup tips for applying foundation and concealer on your face –

  • Dab a few dots of foundations. Pour on the back of your hand.
  • Use fingertips or makeup sponges and place the foundation in dots on the face.
  • Blend with a makeup blender, makeup sponge, or fingertips for an unblemished matte finish look.

Now, your foundation base is ready. Apply concealer to complete your makeup base completely.  Let’s know about these makeup tips and tricks step by step

  • Pour a few drops of concealer on your face.
  • Lightly dab using either your ring finger or concealer brush.
  • For concealing under eyes, draw two inverted pyramids under your eyes and blend the edges well by light dabbing.

Makeup Tips and Hacks For Beginners

4.Set Your Base

Lash out a brush or velvet puff through setting powder and remove excess by tapping. Ensure that your face is evenly covered. Focus it applying on the areas that often seem to have touch-ups. For having airbrush makeup tips and tricks bake your makeup and add extra glow to your face.

5.Create Dimensions

Contours are available in cream, powder, and liquid formulas, among which, powder is considered to be more effective and ideal for beginners. Use angled brushes for creating dimensions. Focus applying around the hairline, under the cheekbones, and on the sides of the nose.

Apply bronzer to the jawline and cheeks and also along with the forehead. Bronzer tends to create a perfect dimension line and flawless angles on your face.

Since you’ve applied contour and bronzer already, now it’s time for highlighters. When you’re applying highlighters, focus more on the “high” extremities, where the chances of light hitting are high. Apply highlighters on the arch of the eyebrows, curves of your nose, and above your cheekbones. Blend it well for having a realistic look.

6.Add Back Some Color

While selecting products, choose the exact bronzer shade that matches perfectly with your skin tone. For flawless entreaty, draw the number three on your face using an angular brush, starting from your forehead to down on your cheekbones and then rounding under the jawline.

7.Focus on Your Eye Makeup

Now that your face is ready, it’s time to apply your eye makeup. It is totally up to you, how you want to do your eye makeup. But one should remember to apply them step by step. First eye shadow, then eyeliner, and at last mascara.

Once you’ve done with your eye shadow, you can move on to the eyeliner part. As suggested by professionals, if you’re a beginner, then you must try creamy eyeliners for basic practice.

Makeup Tips and Hacks For Beginners

8.Focus on Your Brow

Eyebrows also do deserve attention. Make your eyebrows look fuller or enhance their shape by using different products like eyebrow pencils, eyebrow gel, powder, and so on.

9.Swipe to Your Lip Products

Lips are very sensitive and thus need much care. Before applying any cosmetics on your lips, don’t forget to apply lip primer as you prep your lips for makeup. After using lip primer, use lip liner to outline your lips and create a little pout by contouring. Then fill your lips with your favorite lipstick (matte or glossy).

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