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3 Ways Maternity Nurses Help Bonding with Your Newborn

When you are pregnant, some of the things you will hear over and over are “sleep while you can”, “get ready to be tired for the rest of your life” and other similar variations. Certainly, it is true: Having a baby is exhausting, and very few modern parents are given anywhere near the level of support they should be. The saying goes “It’s not difficult to take care of a child, it’s difficult doing anything else while taking care of a child”. In the fourth trimester, when your baby is in the first 12 weeks of their life, you will most likely feel overwhelmed, and it is highly possible that your baby will be waking multiple times each night. If you hire a maternity nurse, you will find the load of being a new parent becomes dramatically reduced, meaning you are able to recover from birth, while feeling supported. A maternity nurse can help you bond with your newborn in the following ways. 

1 – Help With Night Wakings…

If you hire a live-in maternity nurse, they will be on hand to wake up with your little one throughout the night, bring them to you to breastfeed, change their nappy and then resettle them. This will help your baby get into a healthy nighttime routine, meaning better sleep in the long run. Equally importantly, it means you can focus on resting, so that you are able to spend the day feeling your best for your baby. 

2 – Infant Feeding Help 

Our maternity nurses are lactation specialists too. They are able to provide guidance on getting the best deep latch for your baby to maximise weight gain. They are also able to assist with responsive bottle feeding. This will allow you to feed your baby in a way that makes you feel as empowered and confident as possible, therefore building that magical bond. 

3 – Identify and Manage Colic/Reflux 

Having a colicky baby can be disheartening, upsetting and overwhelming if you have never seen it before. A maternity nurse will have had the experience to be able to identify these issues early on, and will be able to advise you on how best to treat the conditions. Less stress equals more bonding for you and your baby. 

We are highly selective over the nurses we allow into our register, and only accept people with at least 5-10 years of experience and  up to date training. We recommend you begin looking for a maternity nurse while you are relatively early on in your pregnancy to ensure you find the best match. If you would like to speak to someone for advice, you are welcome to get in touch!  

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