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Meal Replacements Or Protein Shake? Weight Management & Muscle Gain.

If you are already on this page then you sure have heard about meal replacements and protein shakes.

Widely popular and easily available in the market today, these two popular products have often been used interchangeably, however that is a wrong.. wrong way to use them!!

Fret not! We are about to get it all correct by distinguishing them rightly.

The confusion is surprising because honestly there is no one to clear the air around it but, let us make one thing clear! “Athletic performance and weight management are two separate goals that require these drinks accordingly.”

We are going to look at this in-depth and here is where we begin,

Meal Replacement & Weight Management: The Whole Concept

What is it?

A meal replacement in the simplest understanding is not to be confused with smoothies and protein shakes because it is a product intended to replace a meal with its nutritional value but with a lower calorie intake. Whereas, a protein shake cannot replace a full meal.

Does it contain protein?

Yes, a meal replacement includes protein with other nutrients as well.

Purpose of a meal replacement?

Ideally, it serves as a drink for weight loss or weight maintenance with the presence of protein to keep you fuller for longer and avoid hunger or food cravings.

It is an apt choice for those looking for a shake to manage their appetite.

Usage: Might be 1-2 out of the usual 3 meals as a ready eat or easy to prepare foods. They are available in the form of bars, powders and shakes.

Did You Know?

Meal replacement shakes might replace high-fat and high-calorie meals with a measured amount of calories. Even so, a meal replacement shake with just 200-300 calories can provide the same amount of both macro and micronutrients which one otherwise gains on a 500 to 800 calorie diet.

Plant Protein and Athletic Performance: The Whole Truth

What is it?

A protein shake is used by many athletes and bodybuilders for fulfilling their daily protein requirement which might otherwise go missing from the diet and not with the intent to replace a meal.

Does it contain sufficient protein?

It contains protein enough for an active person’s performance.

Purpose of a protein shake?

Fitness enthusiasts rely on it for enhancing athletic performance and as a post-workout drink for recovery. It is widely used for increasing muscle mass and overall exercise performance.

Usage: Protein can be consumed in various forms including snack bars, powder, smoothies, and shakes.

Here’s a friendly tip,

Those who want to build muscle while keeping their weight in check can go for bGREEN Muscleblaze plant protein. It is made from pea and rice blend and plant protein tends to be great for building muscle on a leaner body.

So, to sum it up,

Meal Replacement Vs. Protein Shake? What Should You Choose?

The main difference between the two is that they differ in nutritional composition with different goals to serve.

Meal replacement helps with weight control, while protein drinks are meant for enhancing athletic performance and muscle gain.

If your goal is weight management, then understanding the difference between the two becomes all the more important as it might otherwise result adversely.

To put it simply:

Meal Replacement Shakes

  • Intended substitutes for 1-2 meals of your diet, daily
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals
  • More fiber, carbs, and calories per serving than a protein shake (lower in calories than actual meals)
  • Lesser protein offering than a protein shake

Protein Shakes

  • Supplements a regular diet and cannot replace a meal.
  • Consumption should be before or after a workout.
  • Ideally up to 25g protein per serving
  • Less than 5g of carbohydrates, since they are not full meals.
  • Might or may not have added vitamins and minerals

Well, by now the difference between the two is clear and one cannot simply decide to use them interchangeably ever again.

There are people who are often stuck between maintaining weight and gaining muscle, and a meal replacement won’t work in that scenario but a ‘plant-based protein’ will. For those of you with the aim to grow muscle on a leaner body bGREEN plant protein is an ideal choice.

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