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Microblading Aftercare Bepanthen 2023 – Eyebrows Do’s And Don’ts

There are many do’s and don’ts of the microblading aftercare which are effectively need to follow for the best results. So, it becomes very important for you to effectively follow microblading aftercare instructions and thus, it is considered to be incredibly important in achieving the best results.

There are several risks which can gradually contribute to reduce the length of the particular results and also it may increase the risk of the infection. This thing can generally occur if the instructions are not followed 100%.

After your microblading procedure, there are a number of guidelines which are certainly needed to be followed for the best possible results.

Microblading Aftercare Do’s And Don’ts For Eyebrows


  • Do only use a particular baby wide in order to touch them.
  • If possible, do sleep on your back.
  • Also, while washing your face, you should particularly avoid the brow area.
  • If you are particularly a side sleeper, you should put small bandaids on the particular ends.
  • Finally, you need to keep them as bone dry as possible.


  • You should not workout or particularly sweat.
  • You should not preferably allow getting them dry.
  • It is also not advisable to touch them for about 24 hours.
  • Do not particularly use a sauna.
  • Retinoids, salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide should not be preferably used.
  • Also, you should not allow the hair to touch your particular brows or bangs.
  • Do not rub, itch or pick your eyebrows.
  • You should also not stay in the direct sunlight i.e. in that case, you should preferably go to a tanning bed.
  • Do not generally put makeup, lotions or ointment on them.

Microblading Aftercare
Long lasting perfect brows will generally be enjoyed by the effective following of these simple steps. Just, you should effectively follow these particular procedures to as close as 100% as possible. This will really help you getting microblading aftercare bepanthen perfectly.

The last thing which is essential is to particularly spend 3 hours for getting your eyebrows microblade well. After that, the particular results are reduced by several months. This is generally because of the fact that you want to generally put makeup or something similar to this particular region.

Important Recommendations

It is also recommended to usually account for the healing process and you should make sure that there are no such important dates like weddings, pictures, etc. during the time you will be experiencing the healing process. It is certainly because nowadays the process of healing can change day by day. So, you should involve in a walk through about what to particularly expect and what is the expected time which is required for the overall healing process.

Day By Day Healing Guide And Walk Through

There are definitely many ups and downs in the overall microblading healing process. As you heal, the color usually may change over time. As a result, the body tends to accept the pigment and you will definitely love the results.

Several guides should preferably be used so that you come to know what everyone goes through is similar and also what you are experiencing is quite normal.

Day 1:

Now, your brows usually look perfect, fresh as well as brand new.

Day 2-4:

You should not freak out as over the period of time, your brows will generally get darker. But, they will again be lightened.

Day 5-8:

You brows mainly during these days will be scabbing off as well as flaking. So, you should preferably make sure to remove the particular scabs. As a result, some of your pigment is also removed by it.

Day 9-10:

In this phase of time, the brows have fallen off completely. So, the brows will mainly appear like this. This is considered as the main reason why it is important to have your touch up.

Day 11-28:

The eyebrows look patchy during this time but these are coming back. During this particular part of the healing process, usually, the brows will appear to be incomplete and also have a patch. Over time, most of the patches will gradually fill in. So, some of the areas do not usually take the touch up mainly for some reason and thus, it will contribute to filling the gap.

Day 42 (after the touch up):

This phase is considered to be much better. After the first day, you will feel to be present back to the way. This is considered a real cycle. Your results will be considered to be amazing if you stick with it though.

Now, you will preferably get some basic idea about what to expect from it. In that regard, you should generally consider the importance of the aftercare and there is a particular way in which it can usually impact the overall results. Additionally, you should also be well aware of some of the important variations of the aftercare and the way in which it can usually impact your results.

The Importance Of Aftercare

The most important part of the overall service is generally considered to be the aftercare. The reason for it is very simple. Beautiful brow can usually be created but without the proper level of aftercare, both the color retention as well as the healing may be generally less than the optimal.

The overall microblading process again requires scratching of the surface between the dermal as well as an epidermal junction. This preferably means that the particular depth is not so much deep with a kind of regular tattoo. So, the services related to the aftercare are considered to be very much important.

Hope this content help to get the information about microblading aftercare bepanthen also make your surroundings aware by sharing this article.

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