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Microneedling: Top 5 Benefits of This Popular Cosmetic Procedure

Every woman strives for a glowing and youthful complexion at any age. That’s why they follow a proper skincare routine involving the use of numerous products that help them achieve the best results. However, as the skin ages, such beauty products may not be enough to keep the skin rejuvenated. Therefore, many ladies turn to various cosmetic procedures to help them fight against chronic and severe skin conditions as well as improve the overall health of their complexion.

A procedure that has become recently popular is microneedling. This method involves pricking the skin with tiny sterilized needles to create physical trauma. The trauma then prompts the deeper layers of the skin to rebuild and the results are a more youthful and glowing complexion. So, whether you are new to micro needling or want to find out more about it, keep reading to learn about the top five benefits this popular cosmetic procedure offers people.

Stimulates collagen production

If you search for microneedling online, you will find that the procedure is often referred to as Collagen Induction Treatment (CIT). This is because its main purpose is to boost collagen and elastin production which is especially important for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

When the tiny needles are pricked into the skin, they help stimulate your body to produce new skin cells. With this new cell production, your body will be able to naturally produce collagen which will then help fill in and smooth out any wrinkles and fine lines you may have.

Helps with hyperpigmentation

A common skin condition many women suffer from is hyperpigmentation. It is characterized by dark spots, also known as age or sun spots, or patches of the skin that appear due to longer sun exposure or excess production of melanin.

Besides using skincare products to treat this skin condition, you can rely on microneedling to get great results. The ability of this procedure to stimulate new collagen and skills can help bolster your complexion and even out your tone. Because microneedling creates tears on the surface of your skin, be sure to combine it with a vitamin C serum to aid in your skin’s healing process.

Enhances the texture of the skin

Uneven skin texture is another very common skin condition in women which is commonly a result of excess dead cells that build up on the surface of the skin. This can make some areas of the complexion feel rough or bumpy to the touch and can give it an overall dull appearance. So, if you are struggling with this issue, microneedling can help you enhance the texture of your skin.

Although the procedure involves punching holes in your complexion, it doesn’t increase the size of your existing pores or scars. In fact, it helps them appear much smaller by stimulating collagen production.

Treats acne and rosacea

Acne occurs as a result of excess sebum production that clogs the pores, while rosacea could be due to a combination of hereditary and environmental factors. Both conditions can trigger painful pimples such as blackheads or whiteheads and other flare-ups causing widespread inflammation on the skin.

Microneedling can help treat both conditions only if they have been previously controlled with prescriptions or other procedures. The method will stimulate collagen production which will make the acne or rosacea pores disappear. Over time, your skin will look less inflamed and irritated and you will soon achieve a healthier complexion free of flare-ups.    

Improves effectiveness of topical products

If you undergo a microneedling procedure, you must follow a proper after-skincare routine. This means using topical products such as creams, serums and gels that will help you boost your skin’s health and its overall appearance by getting deeper into your dermis.

Some products you should look for are tretinoin cream, anti-aging cream or serum, vitamin C serum, hyaluronic acid and green tea extract. All of these beauty products will help you improve your skin texture, stimulate collagen production, remove fine lines and wrinkles, moisturize your complexion and minimize inflammation.

Photo by Audrey Fretz from Unsplash

Final thoughts

If you are looking for a way to improve your skin health, then micro needling is an excellent option. This cosmetic treatment has become widely popular among people of all ages who are suffering from chronic and severe skin conditions and want to achieve a glowing and youthful complexion. It is completely safe and can be used on every skin tone.

For more information about what the procedure involves and what its benefits are, keep our post nearby and rejuvenate your skin with this effective treatment. 

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