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How to Prevent Muscle Loss/Sarcopenia?

Physical frailty and sarcopenia are closely related. Frailty is a geriatric syndrome, and sarcopenia is a muscle disease that is muscle failure, rooted in adverse muscle changes across a lifespan but more common among older people. ​ We will learn more about the concept of sarcopenia. We’ll look into the changes in muscle mass and muscle strength across the lifespan and learn how to perform a simple screening test to identify older people at high risk of developing sarcopenia. There are some medicines like ligandrol Australia, which are highly valued and known for their effective nature. 

Cause of Frailty and Sarcopenia 

Frailty is often caused by accumulative declines in multiple body systems or functions, with pathogenesis involving physical and psycho-social dimensions. Frailty increases vulnerability and leads to poor health outcomes, such as disability, hospital admission, reduced qualities of life even death. There is no grip strength and slow gait speed, and both are characteristics of sarcopenia and frailty. ​An intentional weight loss is one of the diagnostic criteria for frailty. It is also a major etiological factor for sarcopenia. ​

After the illness, the functional ability of frail people remains in the zone of dependence. This means the illness or stressors cause disability in frail older people but not in robust people. In summary, when we say that frail older people are more vulnerable. It means that they are more likely to become dependent after stressors—the concept of frailty evolvement from the disablement theory to the frailty model. Before the evolvement of the frailty concept, understanding the trajectory of ageing is mainly based on the disablement theory.

Accidents and Muscle Loss

In the disablement theory, we believe that people accumulate accidents and incidents throughout our life. The older we are, the more diseases we have. And the diseases and accidents impair our function, which might also cause irreversible damage to our body. These damages cause functional limitations. When the functional limitations reach a certain level, we are no longer able to live independently. We become disabled. When the functional limitations further progress, we will die.

Risks involved in Muscle Loss

The disablement theory focuses on: diseases and accidents are the causes of disability and death. Therefore, the disablement theory implies that disease morbidity and death prevention are the key strategies to prevent disability and death after the emergence of the frailty concept and understand the trajectory of ageing changes. The concept of frailty does not disagree with the disablement theory. On the contrary, it creates a new path leading to disability and death. This new path predicts that decreases in physiological reserve can also lead to a higher risk of disability and death. These people might not need to accumulate a lot of diseases and accidents. The more your physiological reserve is damaged, the more vulnerable you are to frailty.

Treatment of Loss of Muscle

The treatment options for physical frailty and sarcopenia are alike, including optimal protein intake in the daily diet, supplementation of vitamin D and physical exercise, especially muscle resistance training. The natures of frailty and sarcopenia are different, although their symptoms and treatments are similar. Frailty is a geriatric syndrome, and sarcopenia is a disease due to muscle wasting. Sarcopenia is a contributor to the development of physical frailty. If one consumes ligandrol Australia, it can help recover the loss of muscles to a great extent. 

The syndrome of frailty represents a much broader concept. Frailty is seen as a cumulative decline over a lifetime in multiple physiological systems, resulting in negative consequences in physical, cognitive and social dimensions. Hence taking Ligandrol, a reputable SARMs for sale will help you with losing muscle mass.


In conclusion, sarcopenia is a contributor to the development of physical frailty. Three out of five characteristics of frailty are highly related to sarcopenia. ​Sarcopenia is a progressive and generalized skeletal muscle disorder associated with an increased likelihood of adverse outcomes, including falls, fractures, physical disability and mortality. Unfortunately, progressive loss of muscle mass and muscle fibres are a common ageing process. Ligandrol Australia has helped many overcome the loss of muscle, and it is one of the most popular components in use for the treatment of muscle loss.

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