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New Year Celebration Ideas For Couples, Friends and Family

Are you looking for some fun ideas to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home? Even if you’re spending New Year’s Eve in the comfort of your own home, you can still celebrate the 365 days that have passed in a joyful way! If you’re not a New Year’s partier, or you invited your friends over, or even need to wake up early the next morning. Book a limo service!

Here are best fun ideas to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home:

New Year Celebration Ideas For couple’s-????

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Year’s Eve can be one of the most romantic nights of the year — and we’re not just saying that because of the famous midnight kiss. Celebrating New Year’s Eve as a couple allows you to get emotional while reminiscing about all the good times you and your significant other had over the year. And ringing in the New Year together paves the way for great memories to come.

Have a date night-

Pop Champagne on the beach.

Book a romantic beach getaway for just you and your partner to escape the cold. From the Gulf to the Caribbean, check out a few our favorite winter beach vacations where you’ll ring in the New Year while also working on your tan.

Go ice-skating.

Ice skating is one of our favorite wintertime activities. The adrenaline rush as you hold your hubby’s hand, while gliding and spinning across the ice will make for a magical night. With any luck, you may even have the whole rink to yourselves — in which case, lie down in the middle of the rink and look up at the stars to create your own Blockbuster-movie moment.

Have breakfast in bed and watch romantic movies.

Splurge on a fancy restaurant.

Plan in advance, and make a reservation for a restaurant you’ve been waiting for a special occasion to visit. Luckily, Southern food is enjoying a bit of a renaissance, so there are endless exciting, vibrant restaurants to try.

Take a winter road trip.

Despite the mild winters, you can find some proper powder in the South — if you know where to look. One option: the mountains in West Virginia, which get 160 inches of snow from December to March. This gorgeous, three-day drive would make an adventurous and romantic way to start the New Year.

New Year Celebration Ideas For friends

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  1. Throw a formal dress-up party.

Even if you’re just planning on gossiping, drinking wine, and eating cheese, dressing up in formal attire can make the evening that much more enjoyable — and the gossip that much more dramatic.

Better yet, cohost a formal-themed party with your friends and ask guests to arrive in cocktail dresses and suits, or tell them to take their old prom dress out of the closet. You can decorate your place with cool-toned party lights, a shimmery photo backdrop, and play some classy Frank Sinatra tunes.

But you can buy the cheap wine. We won’t tell!

  1. Plan a classic game night.

When you’re planning on spending more than a few hours with your BFFs, having a games on tap is a great way to pass time until midnight. Boardgames like Monopoly and Settlers of Catan can keep you occupied for hours. Or get physical with Twister.

You could even take things outside and plan a city-wide scavenger hunt if the weather permits. Your teams can all meet up at your local late-night hangout to watch the ball drop.

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  1. Toast to your proudest accomplishment of the year.

This is the perfect touch to a New Year’s Eve dinner party. Once you have your closest friends around your dining table ask your friends to share their proudest accomplishment from the past year.

After each person announces their accomplishment and explains why that makes them proud, raise your glasses and toast to them. Friends who support each other are the best kind, and this small but profound activity will make everyone feel spectacular about themselves and each other.

  1. Slumber party like it’s 2002.

When we were kids our parents let us have some bomb slumber parties with our besties on New Year’s Eve. It was one of the rare occasions we could stay up after midnight and not be scolded. Bring back those nostalgic memories with a living room slumber party this New Year’s Eve.

Tell friends to bring their best onesie pajamas, fave stuffed animals, and stock up on the popcorn and soda. The best part is — you’re actually adults so mom and dad can’t tell you to go to sleep when 12:30 AM rolls around!

  1. Check out your nearest firework display.

Finally, if you’re itching to get out of the house and experience New Year’s Eve to the fullest, head outside to your nearest fireworks display. Call up that friend with rooftop access and get comfy.

If there’s nothing big happening near your area, plan ahead and book an airbnb for the night in a town or city with a display. That way not only are you getting the most of your New Year’s celebration, but you get to get out of dodge for an overnight too.

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