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Nivea Nourishing Lotion Body Milk Review – Sensitive Skin Lotion

This blog will be about the all-new Nivea nourishing lotion body milk. It is my version of a review where I would share my experience with the Nivea Nourishing Lotion Body milk. After using it for some time now, it has definitely become my favorite body lotion. After having used a lot of different body lotions in the past, this has definitely caught my attention and I have started using it regularly for my personal use. I have the mattress and a lot of positive reviews about this product and I’m excited to see how this fares for me.

The product Is priced at rupees 399 for 400 ml.

It has a decent shelf life of three years which you can easily finish the product in.

  • The Nivea nourishing body lotion is infused with deep moisture serum and almond oil which adds a lot to the product makes it more effective.
  •  As mentioned in the product description, it will help your skin to moisturize reduce the roughness of dry skin and provide long-lasting moisture.
  • The Nivea nourishing body milk has claimed to provide 48-hour moisture.


The product is packing decently and it comes in a dark blue plastic bottle. A pump is attached to the top for more convenience. More attention to detail gives to prevent any leakage of the lotion. For that reason, an open and lock system has been attaching to the pump. The nourishment body lotion comes in four different sizes which start from 120 ml to 600 ml. Transparency has been maintained properly and you can find all the details you need on the back of the bottle. The smaller one is even good for traveling.

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The smell is not very strong nor too mild. It has a floral smell which feels good and is not strong enough to cause a headache. However, the fragrance is not long-lasting and will go away after some time. So it is Essentially a fragrance-free lotion. 

My personal experience 

The Nivea nourishing body milk has a medium consistency when compared to other lotions. With this product, I notice a very sharp difference as it gets absorb very easily and spreads like no other lotion on the market. Due to this fast absorption, I come to like this product mode and I make it my staple body lotion this winter. Especially if you apply it to damp skin it will get absorbing more easily. Even in dry skin, it will get absorbing but it will take a longer period of time. I would definitely recommend the Nivea Nourishing Lotion Body Milk for winter care.

After using this product for over a month I have noticed a visible difference in my skin where my skin has become more soft and it stays better moisturized and hydrated throughout the day. I used to deal with very dry skin and this nourishing body milk has almost fixed it and now I boast of a very moist and soft skin. Especially my feet used to be very rough and dry and become scaly. I thought before that it could not fine but now I realized that I had been using the wrong product to begin with. After using this, I have improved the skin of my feet and am happy with the results. The Nivea Nourishing Lotion Body Milk softens skin and keeps it properly hydrated for longer periods of time.

Why I Choose This Product

The product makes a bold claim that it will provide your moisture for over 48 hours. I don’t think that is true for me as it does not provide me with moisturized skin for over 48 hours but it definitely does a good job of keeping my skin moisturized for 24 hours. So it does not need to  apply very frequently and you can easily last a day after applying it.

I have very dry skin and if it can keep my skin moisturized for a day then it can have even better results when your skin is not so dry. The lotion is not too heavy on the skin however you should keep in mind that it is not very light either. During summer it can feel a bit heavy on the skin but if you have very dry skin like me then you can easily use it during the summer as well. This is a great lotion for sensitive skin.


My only dissatisfaction with the product and my only complaint has been that it contains alcohol and a bit of fragrance. However, the fragrance is not very strong and it will go away after a few minutes making it essentially A fragrance-free lotion. At this price point, this is definitely the best body lotion you can grab. the best part of this lotion is it is nongreasy and completely nonsticky.


  •       The product is not very expensive and comes to you at an affordable price.
  •       Available in different-sized containers according to your preference and needs.
  •       The smallest size pack which is 120 milliliters, can be easily carried during travel.
  •       Can be easily spread on the skin and absorbed.
  •       Softens the skin with regular usage.
  •       Keeps your skin hydrated for at least a day
  •       Not heavy on the skin.
  •       Non greasy.


  •       Has a mild fragrance to it.
  •       Contains alcohol.
  •       Fails the claim to moisturize for 48 hours.

Rating :

After using the Nivea nourishing body milk for over a month, I can easily give this product a rating of 4.5/5. The only con according to me is the fragrance. I love fragrance-free lotions. Otherwise, this is a solid product and the best in the price segment. I would definitely recommend it to you.


1. Is Nivea Body Milk lotion good for the face?

Yes, you can definitely use the Nivea body milk on your face. It has no adverse after-effects when used on the face. I have tried it myself and have been pleasantly surprised with the outcomes.

2. What is the use of Nivea deep moisture serum?

It is used to keep your skin moisturized and in good condition. With usage, your skin will become softer. It has great moisturizing abilities and will help you improve your skin over time.

3. Does Nivea Nourishing body lotion lighten the skin?

The Nivea nourishing lotion is not made to lighten your skin. However, it can act as a great product to soften your skin and provide nourishment to it. The product is nongreasy and easy to apply on the skin.

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