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Onion Hair Serum Benefits

Are you looking for a hair serum that can vanish all your hair problems in just one application? Ladies, your search here ends now! It’s time to experience the goodness of onion oil to beat hairfall and hair frizz woes. Onion hair serum comes with incredible benefits which you might know earlier. So, presenting you some of the amazing onion hair serum benefits to treat your hair problems and flaunt them like a boss! Keep on reading. Onion Hair Serum Benefits.

Reduces Hair Breakage

Many of you don’t know the key ingredient that is present in onion, that is Sulfur. Enriched with the benefits of the Sulfur present in the onions, it helps in strengthening your hair and reduces the issue of hair breakage, especially during monsoons.

Reduces Hair Frizziness and Tangles

The onion comes with the nourishing property that makes your tresses frizz-free from any dirt, pollution, hormones, etc related problems. It also makes the scalp healthy and healthier from within.

Makes Hair Soft and Shiny

If you want to make your hair super soft and shiny, then here is your secret hair care serum that makes all your hair desires come true! The onion hair serum comes with a natural formulation that is free of all the toxic chemicals to give your hair the utmost care and nourishment it deserves. When you use this serum, you keep running your fingers through your hair all day long.

Possesses Antioxidants Properties

Being rich in antioxidants like Flavonoids, onion contains it which has versatile compounds. It reduces the presence of free radicals in your body like the ageing process, hair thinning, and severe hair fall issues. So, regular usage of onion oil helps in promoting hair growth.

Improves Blood Circulation

As you are already familiar with the fact that blood circulation is important for the growth of new hair. So, using onion hair oil promotes great blood circulation which helps in hair roots strengthening and growth of new hair follicles.

Cures Baldness

Yes, you have heard it right! The onion hair oil is highly beneficial in curing baldness. As sulfur which is present in the onion, is the key ingredient that is found in Keratin, provides protein to your hair. So, a hair oil having a sulfur-rich diet helps in Keratin synthesis that is best for hair growth. Whereas, the lack of sulfur often leads to dry hair and hairfall. Therefore, onion hair serum benefits are immense.

Can You Use Onion Oil Daily?

As you already know that any hair care regime takes time and constant efforts to see its promising results. Many people often end up quitting using the product when they are not able to see its noticeable results within a few days. However, according to experts, any hair treatment needs at least a few weeks to show its promising results. So, if you use an onion hair serum, make sure to apply it to your scalp for at least a couple of weeks to see its actual results. It will help in reconditioning and strengthening your scalp and hair.

How To Use Onion Hair Serum?

You can use onion hair serum in various ways. Firstly, you can apply it directly to your scalp and leave it overnight to see its best results. Secondly, you can use it as a combination with other hair oils for men and women. This way, you can figure out onion hair serum benefits. And lastly, you can mix some onion juice with your shampoo for cleaning your hair. To see its magical results, apply onion hair serum twice daily i.e. once in the morning and once in the evening to get the best results.

Wrap Up

From possessing anti-microbial properties to preventing infections and Keratin synthesis, onion hair serum benefits are staggering. However, you must take note that onion hair serum may not be effective in curing baldness. But it surely increases your hair growth. So, what to wait for? Utilize onion hair serum benefits that are made with the perfect blend of natural oils that makes your tresses look lustrous than ever! Must try out the product and your hair will surely thank you later! 

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