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Promising skin product to make your skin look brighter and spot free.

With this whole era of skin treatments and filtered pictures on social media brighter skin has become a necessity for some people to save themselves from insecurity or body shaming. People spend thousands of dollars on useless products that leave their skin more damaged.

According to a survey about 6 million Americans are affected by dark spots and melasma making them more insecure and embarrassed. If you are too in search of a product that helps you get rid of melisma and make your skin look brighter and spotless then this ultra-potent brightening serum by admiring my skin is the one you should get.

Admire my skin is one of the leading skincare brands in the US and is known widely for its unbelievable results in improving skin quality and treating melasma, making it a must have in 2021.

  How it works

The ultra-potent brightening serum by admiring my skin contains 2% hydroquinone, lactic acid, kojic acid, salicylic acid, and vitamin c which gets absorbed in the skin making it brighter and lighten the spots on your skin. You will start seeing the results after some days of use. This brightening serum does not only treat melasma and hyperpigmentation but also rejuvenate your skin to make it look smoother and glowing.

Hyperpigmentation and melasma are more common in women due to hormonal imbalances or due to hormonal changes with the use of contraceptive pills. Also, darker shade skins are more prone to getting melasma due to active color generating cell in the skin. Sunscreen is advised for such peoples and in the case of a more effective way laser treatment is used for treating. But surely it’s quite expensive and also a laser is not safe during pregnancy so a more affordable and safe product for treating your skin is admired my skin’s ultra-potent brightening serum.

Why choose us?

Ultra-potent brightening serum is one of the most demanded product in 2021 for skin brightening and hyperpigmentation treatment. The product has received tremendous response and the store is out of stock as people are going crazy over it.

The serum has over 30000 reviews on amazon with around 50% of 5-star ratings showing the satisfaction and happiness of consumers with the product. The product is also featured in US weekly discussing the product ingredients, its benefits, and how reasonable and affordable is this serum compared to similar skincare products which have no such results as ultra-potent brightening serum has.

With the use of serum consistently for some weeks, you will achieve surprising results and you will be stunned looking at your skin which will like baby skin soft smooth, and spotless.

In the interview co-founder of Amaze my skin, Amy Romero said that” no doubt this serum has becomes one of our flagship products and after hearing from thousands of customers that this serum is changing their lives and boosting their self-confidence fills me with humility and joy. This is beyond our expectation and we feel proud to help empower so many people”.

She further added that “when they were launching their brand amaze my skin they wanted a skincare range that is cruelty-freeand sustainable products. She said she and her husband Craig know their skin888 care products are safe and have great results but the response and reach they have gotten with this serum in such a short time is surprising.

Romero said “she is blessed to be a part of Amaze my skin team and this has been a great learning experience for her”

About the brand

Amaze my skin was founded by a husband-wife team of Amy and Craig Romero. The brand has now become a synonym for high-quality skincare products that are cruelty-free and treat skin problems and make it look great. The products range from Amaze my skin treats skin damages, hyperpigmentation, melasma, acne, premature skin aging, and sunburns.

All products from Amaze my skin are chemical-free and have non-GMO ingredients which makes it a rising brand in the skincare industry. If you want to learn more about products from Amaze my skin have a look at the company’s mission and catalog at

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