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Reasons to Invest in a Cuban Link Chain

The Cuban link chain is a timeless style that will never go out of fashion. There are numerous advantages to having one or more in your jewelry collection. You truly can’t go wrong with a chain as small as 2mm or as wide as 12mm. Whether it’s short or long, you can match it with anything from a formal suit to casual streetwear. 

Below, you will understand more about these chains and why you should pick one for your next jewelry improvement.

Who Can Wear These Chains?

  • People who just started wearing jewelry: Because the Cuban chain is so subtle and understated, it’s the best for people who have never worn one before. 
  • People who wear solid-colored shirts: since Cuban chains have a subtle design, they can get lost among patterned designs or lettering on your shirts. Plain shirts, on the other hand, let them take the spotlight.
  • People with other jewelry.

Benefits of Cuban Link Chains

Strong and Long-Lasting

The interlocking links of the Cuban link chain produce an extremely sturdy bracelet or necklace. Because of the way the links are formed, the chain can carry its substantial weight and a huge pendant, if desired. Furthermore, most are made of high-quality, long-lasting metals. 

Various Metals

While the gold Cuban link chain will always be the most popular and classic style, they are now available in every metal imaginable. Of course, silver is a close second to gold, but depending on your taste, you can also get these chains in platinum, stainless steel, and even brass.

Can Be Accentuated with Gems

The Cuban link chain is perfect for diamonds as well as a variety of metals. Because it lies flat and has a flat surface on the front that can be as wide as you want, you can inlay stones on it. Even if you don’t like stones, the surface can be textured or stamped to give it a different aesthetic. 

Available in a Variety of Styles

As you can guess, the Cuban link chain is a terrific way to exhibit your distinct personal style with something unique because there are so many widths, lengths, metal options, and the potential for gems and visual alterations. Even when selecting a classic chain style and deciding between gold and silver, narrow or wide, short or long, you can create a unique look depending on your preferences. 

Lays Flat

Rope chains are another popular fashion accessory. The Cuban link chain is distinct in that it rests flat. This not only gives it a distinct appearance by highlighting the design of each link, but it also prevents it from rolling around unnecessarily. This is especially useful if your chain has a large pendant.

A Long History

The Cuban link chain first appeared in the 1970s in Miami. It arose from the hip-hop scene of the time and was originally known as the Miami Cuban link chain. It is still a popular choice among hip-hop fans and men’s fashion enthusiasts in general. Its popularity has increased recently as more celebrities have been spotted wearing them.

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