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6 Reasons Why People Go For Timber Window Shutters

Window shutters are one of the most popular window dressings because of their high appeal and longevity that adds a classical touch to the home design.  The popularity of such shutters is growing despite many other alternatives being available. Besides the looks, the easy availability of timber and its timeless appeal that matches the changing trends are also reasons people prefer it over other materials.  Easy workability with timber lends flexibility to the design and style, and you can create window shitters of all types that increase its attraction. You can make any window dressing with Brisbane timber shutters to improve your home’s aesthetics while reaping many other benefits.

Low maintenance

The high cost of timber as compared to other materials like aluminium and PVC is offset by the low maintenance of timber shutters and its prolonged life that can last many years and even outlive the life of your home. Plantation Shutters Melbourne are easy to clean by wiping with a damp cloth periodically or dusting and require very little maintenance to maintain their clean looks. Window shutters are a healthy option for those who suffer from dust allergies.

Sound and thermal insulation

Installing wooden shutters at home increases the home insulation and makes it more energy efficient. The shutters’ wooden panels offer excellent thermal insulation and sound insulation by creating an effective barrier between the inside and outside of the house. Once you close the shutters, it effectively cuts off the external sound while preventing heat transfer through the windows. As a result, it creates a quiet indoor ambience. Roller Shutters Perth maintain the indoor temperature at an optimal level, reducing the load on utilities to keep the house cool in summer and warm in winter and reduce the energy bills. Using the shutters according to the varied conditions to suit the seasonal changes, you can regulate your home’s temperature and choose eco-friendly living.

Enhanced privacy

Timber windows and shutters are part of the overall home aesthetic and help to achieve the desired level of privacy with proper placement and design.   While you can completely open the shutters to allow daylight entry to your home, you can shut it completely to cut off visibility and ensure complete privacy. You can regulate the level of privacy by adjusting the shutters’ opening, which, when kept inclined at some angle, helps maintain privacy while allowing a partial view of the outside. As compared to curtains that do not have any system of regulating the opening, timber shutters offer more comprehensive options to choose the level of privacy according to the changing situations at home. Timber shutters also allow controlling the entry of natural light by balancing it with the need for privacy.

Eco-friendly shutters

We are going through challenging times as the world is experiencing severe environmental abuse due to our lifestyle and living habits. Everyone should try to make eco-friendly choices in all walks of life, and choosing timber shutters are a sustainable choice as wood is one of the friendliest materials to save the environment from hazards. Creating an environment-friendly home will make you proud as you can do your bit to improve the world and make it a better living place. Choosing timber shutters is like a double bonanza as it improves home insulation that saves money, and does a lot of good for the environment.

Ensure UV protection

Sunshine at home helps create a healthy indoor environment, but you must control its entry to avoid UV rays’ harmful effects that can damage property and health. Installing timber shutters will help control the entry of sunlight at home and reduce harmful UV exposure. The shutters’ louvres allow adjusting the angle to some suitable position for the entry of sunlight in a controlled way, and you can add an added layer of UV protection paint to save the shutters from damage.

 Enhanced security

Timber shutters enhance home security because it is not easy to break in and an effective deterrent for burglars. You can restrict the view by adjusting the louvres to prevent the prying eyes of burglars from viewing the home interiors.

You can customize wooden shutters to match your goals of beautification and security. 


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