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Remy clip in hair extensions VS Synthetic clip in hair extensions.

Remy clip in hair extensions

Remy clip in hair extensions is one of the best natural hair clip-ins. The term Remy simply means that hairs are collected unprocessed from the hair donor. Then, the hairs are carefully sorted to make sure that they are all of the same lengths. The hairs are bound with silk fabric or silicone at the base. The clips are then sewed onto the base to create individual wefts. These wefts are then packaged into full hair extension headsets.

Remy clip in hair extensions are soft and shiny and are a very high-quality product. The Remy clips in human hair extensions require more attention, are screened more precisely, and use higher quality materials, making them the most durable human hair extension clips on the market. Remi natural hair clip-ins are often preferred because they last approximately 1 year if properly cared for.

Synthetic clip in hair extensions                                    

Synthetic clip in hair extensions is human human-made hair extensions, that are designed to look and feel exactly like human hair. Humans are now able to manufacture hair in a laboratory using the magic of science and technology. When materials can be manufactured artificially, this lowers costs. Synthetic hair extensions clips can be made in a variety of colors because they are so easy to produce.

Synthetic clip in hair extensions is one of the best clips in hair extensions. It is cost-effective. It is often much cheaper than real human hair. Synthetic hair is made from synthetic fibers and is not grown from human hair, that’s why it’s cheaper than real hair clip-in extensions. But they last about 1-3 months, which is not too long. 

The advantages of Remy clip in hair extensions

● Remy Human hair extension clips are heat-resistant. Heating tools such as a curling iron and hot rollers can be used to style them just like real hair.

● The natural look and styling versatility of 100% human hair extensions make them the favorite of brides.

● Color can be applied to human hair extensions. 100% human hair extensions have already been treated with chemicals, so coloring them will compromise the hair’s integrity.

● Remy natural hair clip-ins appear natural because they blend with natural hair and reflect light the way natural hair does.

● Remy real hair clip in extensions long-lasting for Approximately 1 year.

Disadvantages of synthetic clip in hair extensions

● Synthetic clip-in extensions usually melt in the heat; they cannot withstand the heat of curling irons and flat irons.

● Clip-in hair extensions made from synthetic hair tend to fade in sunlight.

● Synthetic clip-in extensions are hard to style and don’t blend as well with natural hair as human hair extensions do, and they also don’t last as long as human hair extensions do.

● Synthetic hair extensions are not strong enough to handle chemical processes like human hair and can damage the wefts.

● Synthetic Extensions cannot be colored as they would be irreversibly damaged.

● Synthetic hairs are not washable and can only be worn for a short period of time.


In conclusion, Remy clip-in human hair extensions are usually preferred over synthetic hair extensions. Synthetic hairs are less expensive than human hair extensions, but can not be worn for a long time. Human hair extensions can look natural as your own hair and can be worn for long periods of time.

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