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Faiza Beauty Cream keeps your epidermis moisturized and looking wonderful.

Fairness Cream:

  • Nature’S Way To Fairer Skin,100 Percent Natural Ingredients To Tackle A Dull, Uneven Complexion And Clear Dark Spots And Discolored And Pigmented Skin.
  • Its Unique Formulation Ensures Ease Of Application, Faster Absorption And Better Nourishment To The Skin.
  • Its Easy Application And Absorption Helps Nourish Skin More Effectively.
  • The Herbal Combination Also Improves Hydration And Skin Cell Renewal At The Epidermal Cell Layers.
  • The Result Is Visibly Clearer And Fairer Skin.


Faiza Beauty Cream has come a long way over the years. Skin and beauty experts have found that adding natural ingredients to Faiza Beauty Cream such as vitamins and SPF factor have helped to turn face cream into much more than a hydration product for your skin.

On the beauty end, Faiza Beauty Cream penetrates the deepest layers of the skin where it actually binds water in the horny skin layers, plumping up the skin for a firm, supple, wrinkle-free appearance, (water retention within skin cells gives skin its elasticity and wrinkle-free appearance) providing skin renewal and benefits that other formulas cannot.

Faiza Beauty Cream is naturally found in healthy, young skin and is an important part of your skin’s natural, moisturizing system.

About Faiza Beauty Cream Company

Faiza Beauty Cream is established by Riaz Ahmed Poonia & Fiaz Ahmed Poonia (Poonia Bros Pakistan) in 1990.

Now Faiza Beauty Cream is available in new metelized and little packaging. Actual Faiza Beauty Cream Company Indicate Variety is 223190. We also won the best barnd of the season prizes from last few decades. We notify all bogus producers.

Faiza Beauty Cream is the first item of Poonia Bros Pakistan and it is authenticated by PCSIR and also get the Product of the season prize in last four decades. It gets awesome reaction from all over the pakistan and women’s first option to get rid of acne and areas.

Valuable encounter with Mr. Riaz Ahmed Poonia & Fiaz Ahmed Poonia’s finish know how of cosmetics industry and shut business interaction with the investors all over Pakistan, all these differences offer audio reasons for Faiza Beauty Cream to be one of the most popular, effective and popular device in Pakistan (With the Elegance of ALLAH THE ALMIGHTY).


Faiza Beauty Cream Contact Detail –

Faiza beauty cream contact number

Ph: +92 333 821 6422, +92 322 329 1300


Faiza beauty cream email id ,

Faiza beauty cream address

10-KM Alam Chowk, Hafiz Abad Road.
Gujranwala, Pakistan


Faiza beauty cream owner name
Muhammad Shahid Butt

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