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Silicone Wedding Bands vs. Traditional Ones: Which one’s better for you?

People dream about their wedding day. Everything must be perfect—the venue, the dress (or suit!), the weather, the food, and of course the ceremony itself. Your wedding will live forever in pictures, but one tangible memory aside from the dress is the exchange of rings.

There are several options for wedding rings now and while a diamond is still traditional, it’s not uncommon to see other gemstones and different types of bands. Silicone wedding bands break from the traditional metal bands but are still a great way to show off your commitment to each other.

Traditional – Sparkly and Shiny

Generally, you’ll see bands made from gold, silver, steel, or platinum. These are beautiful to look at and last forever—you can pass them down for generations. Considering their cost, you’ll want to put serious thought into picking the right ones for both of you.

However, they do have their drawbacks—they’re expensive, and as someone with sensitive skin who has reacted to metals in the past, they can potentially react with your skin, even later down the line. It’s also not a good idea to wear them everywhere, because they could get lost while traveling or even going out for a swim, and it’s dangerous to wear them in some jobs.

Silicone Wedding Bands – Uniquely You

Silicone rings are more affordable than a metal band, and considering the cost of an average wedding today, any savings helps. They can be as much as 10% less than a metal band and are often under $50! Imagine having that much more in your pocket to go towards other wedding costs.

You can buy two or three and stack them in different colors or designs. You could match your wedding colors or get one in each of your favorites. Other options include engravings, patterns, textures, and metallic effects. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Give Your Skin a Break

They’re also hypoallergenic. While some people do react to silicone, they’re few and far between compared to those with metal sensitivities. Wedding planning is stressful enough; it’s nice to have peace of mind and not play Russian roulette with your skin. The ring might seem okay when trying it on to ensure fit, but wearing it for hours could be another story.

They’ll Go Wherever You Do

Silicone wedding bands are portable. You can wear them anywhere without worrying too much if you lose them. Metals conduct electricity and heat whereas silicone does not. This makes them a good candidate for certain jobs where a traditional ring would be dangerous, such as construction, welding, emergency response, plumbing, or engineering. They’re easy to clean and don’t need to be polished like a metal band.

For someone wanting to toe the line between following tradition and bucking it a little, silicone rings are a great compromise. You’ll still exchange rings during the ceremony, but the silicone wedding bands will be tailored perfectly to your style and will be a conversation piece to boot.

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