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Silver Egyptian Jewelry for a Stylish Touch

Egyptian Jewelry is for everyone to bring an extra touch of style to a classic outfit. In addition to elegance, they bear the history of the great Egyptian civilization.

Introduction to Ancient Egypt

Before proceeding further towards silver Egyptian jewelry, its essential to know about ancient Egypt.

  • Egyptian symbols- They can be easily found in the great monuments of ancient Egypt. Some symbols that represented their religious beliefs are-

– Eye of Horus

               – Khepri Scarabs

                – Hieroglyphics and a lot more.

  • Egyptian gods- Gods such as- Set, Horus, Ra, Osiris and Isis are the primary things that come to mind while thinking ‘Ancient Egypt’.

17 silver Egyptian jewelry and their features-

Take a look at the 6 necklaces, 4 rings and 7 silver Egyptian bracelets.

6 Necklaces-

  1. Egyptian Necklace Vintage Horus
    This necklace refers to the eagle god Horus who progressively became depicted as a peregrine falcon god.

– 925 sterling silver- purity and quality guaranteed.

– Resistant pendant- reinforced and elegant structure

– Precise details

– Pendant size 3*1.5 and chain length 50 cm.

Note- Add to the cart and your product will be delivered within 10-15 days.

2. Egyptian Necklace Stone of Horus-

A silver necklace is decorated with the eye of Horus.

– Agreeable to wear

               – Resistant pendant- meshed

               – Chain length 19.5 cm.

3. Egyptian necklace feather of Ra (silver)-

The product is not necessarily authentically divine.

– Gold and silver blended pendant- An elegant (solid silver feather body).

               – Elegant structure and neat details.

                – Pendant size 45 mm.

4. Egyptian necklace Cristal of Horus-

The product is also known as the Egyptian eye.

               – It provides the guarantee of premium quality.

               – Resistant pendant

               – Precise and neat details.

               – Chain length 50 cm and the pendant size is 45 mm.

5. Egyptian Necklace Memphis Moon-

It refers to the Egyptian IBIS-Headedgod of the moon.

– A blazon made of a noble metal

– Resistant pendant- meshed and reinforced

– Pendant size 28*28 mm

– Weight- 24.5 grams

6. Delicate snake-

This necklace represents the divine snake.

               – Premium quality is guaranteed

               – Elegant structure

4 Egyptian Rings-

  1. Ultimate Conspiracy- The ring is decorated with the Illuminati’s symbol.

             – Solid silver ring

             – Neat details

             – Easy to measure size.

2. Divine Blason- The ring represents the Egyptian sign of Horus.

925 Sterling silver- solid silver ring


Weight- 13.8 gram

Adjustable ring

3. Feather of Ra- This product offers uncountable perks. Some of them are as follows-

              – No skin allergies

              – Weight 4 grams

4. Miysis, the lion– Acc. to an Egyptian legend, every individual is partly cat and part lion. This ring holds more of the lion than of the cat.

Solid silver ring of premium quality

No discomfort on your skin

Weight- 25 grams.

7 Silver Egyptian Bracelets-

  1. Egyptian Eye of Horus/ Ankh bracelets– The ankh is an ancient Egyptian symbol of immortality. It is known as the key to life. The product is hand-made by the skilled artists of Egypt.
  2. Personalized silver cartouche bracelet– These bracelets are also hand-made and delivered within 2-3 business days. They can have up to 8 letters or symbols.
  3. Oxidized finished Egyptian bracelet with black rubber– This product with hieroglyphic symbols is handcrafted and imported from Egypt.
  4. MirrorWhite Silver Nifertiti Egyptian floral bracelet- The product is designed for girls and women. This pure silver bracelet is made up of sterling silver. Various features of the bracelet are as follows-

– Weight 15.79 grams

– Perfect birthday gift. Moreover, a priceless gift for anniversary, valentine, return gift, corporate gift, wedding gift etc.

– Keep it away from perfumes and in an air tight container.

5. Silver Egyptian handmade ankh bracelet– The product is hand graved with tiny ornaments for better value and royalty. This modern bracelet fits every outfit.

Review the different options before purchasing your silver bracelet. 

Shipment takes 4-8 business days.

This premium quality bracelet is handcrafted by professional craftsmen.

6. 1960s Egyptian 800 silver filigree bracelet– Made in Egypt in the 1960s for tourist consumption. This heavy bracelet has 6 panels with silver filigree work.

Wide- 21mm

Weight- 38.1 grams

Condition- Excellent

Item type- Vintage

Material- 800 silver

7. Silver Egyptian Revival Scarab Bangle Bracelet-

– Composition- Silver, Acid tested

– Condition- Very good

– Weight- 42.1 gram

– Color- Black, grey, green, yellow, silver and white

8. Eye of Horus, Scarab and Deities bracelets-

  • An Egyptian bracelet is a fascinating piece that provides an opportunity to start a conversation with anyone.
  • This elegant piece will make you stand out from the crowd. They are risk-free because bracelets are socially accepted pieces.

Symbolism insilver Egyptian jewelry-

Most cultures love silver jewelry but Egyptians took this to another level. For them, jewelry means a lot. The richer you were the more colorful your jewelry was.

From a child to a senior citizen everyone wears jewelry for various reasons. Wearing more jewelry signified that god was pleased and bless you.

Jewelry means everything for Egyptians so symbols are carefully selected. Some of the common symbols are discussed below.

  • Ankh symbol- This well-known symbol is cross shaped. It represents the concept of eternal life over time. Today, it is worn as a pendant by both men and women.
  • Eye of Horus- It signifies protection, good health and royal power. Horus was the national deity of Egypt and his eye is a central component of Egyptian beliefs.
  • Lotus symbol- In Egypt, it is valued as a symbol of rebirth and fertility.
  • Symbolism of color- Black represents death and red represents destruction. Similarly, blue represents life and green represents growth.


You can buy silver Egyptian jewelry from various platforms. However, be smart to compare price, quality and style before purchasing your product. Try to make your payments only by safe and secure payment options like- pay pal, credit and debit cards.

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