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15 Simple Makeup Tips And Hacks For Beginners

If you are a beginner and you want to make yourself and want to give you a party look then stay with us. Here we will discuss some simple makeup tips and hacks. A perfect look will give you a great personality following the below process.


15 Simple Makeup Tips For Womens

1. Apply Foundation before Concealer:

The easiest way to enhance your look is to apply foundation before applying concealer. Starting with a coating of foundation will reduce the chances of redness or discoloration. It helps create a smooth base for the rest of the makeup.

2. Maintain Your Eyebrows with a Spoolie Brush:

If you’re totally into makeup for beginners, here’s a great tip to set your brow hair within 10 secs. All you need to do is comb your arches with a spoolie brush, that is, with little mascara wands. If you are about to apply gel, powder, or brow pencil, then also you can prep your eyebrows with this professional makeup tip.

3. Exfoliate Your Lips before Applying Lipstick:

Not always our lips did. Sometimes we need to prep our lips before applying lipstick on them. Try prepping your lip by applying gentle lip scrub for exfoliation. This helps buff away dry skin that sets on your lips and results in a softer and smoother surface.

4. Melt Your Pencil Liner for Gliding:

Creamy products blend well when warmed up. So here are makeup tips at home if your eyeliner pencil keeps getting stuck or requires several coats for a decent color. All you need to do is melt the point of your liner before you apply it to your eyelids. Hold the tip of your liner under the flame of a lighter, till it gets tacky.

5. Make Your Eye Shadow Pop with White Liner:

Make a sheer eye shadow more vibrant with this simple makeup tip and trick. Blend white eyeliner on your eyelids and then put your willing eye shadow on top of it. The filmy coverage of the white liner will escalate any shade of your eye shadow and make it pop on your eyelids.

6. Outline your Cat Eyes:

If you’re too tired of trying a proper winged liner and still can’t get it, nothing to worry about. Here’s the trick. All you have to do is try to outline your eye shape before filling it with eyeliner. Beyond your bottom lash line, extend your liner to create the wing shape. Then add thickness according to your will.


7. Use Spoon for Winged Liner:

If you’re just starting with applying makeup and can’t draw a winged liner free-hand, don’t worry. Take a spoon as a stencil. Hold it against the outer corner, and use liquid eyeliner to draw a straight line. Use the rounded side of the spoon and create a perfect curve for your winged liner.

8. Hack a Smokey Eye with a Hashtag:

A Smokey eye can look sensual and luscious. To get this effect in a simple way, take an eyeliner pencil and draw a slanted hashtag on the outer corner surface of your eye. Blend it by using any smudging brush or makeup sponges.

9. Use Spoon as Mascara Shield:

Tired of mascara smudges? Not anymore. Here’s a basic makeup trick to make your eye look perfect without any smudges. Hold a spoon hugging your eyelid and then apply mascara. The spoon works like a shield and protects your eye shadow from getting smudged.

10. Revive Mascara with Saline Solution:

If your mascara dries up, no need to buy a new one. Add a few drops of saline solution to it and get the smooth consistency back. But avoid using mascara for more than three months.

11. Plump your Eyelashes with Translucent Powder:

To plump your eyelashes, dust some translucent setting powder between coats of mascara. This helps in the grip between the mascara coats and makes it look fuller and capacious.


12. Set your Lip color with Tissue or Powder:

For getting an instant matte finish and a long-lasting lip color, lay a tissue on your lips and dust some translucent setting powder on it. This step will alter your shade, but will also protect it from getting dull or smudged.

13. Mix your Lip Color with Petroleum Jelly:

You can also create your own lip color. If there’s an eye shadow shade you love and want to apply as your lip color, you can surely follow this step. Mix a little bit of petroleum jelly with the loose pigment you want. Mix it and apply it on your lips.

14. Define your Cupid’s bow with an X :

This is the easiest way to define your cupid’s bow. Take a lip liner pencil and draw an “X”, lining up with your natural lip line. Then fill the bottom sections of the “X” with your lipstick.


15. Conceal under your Eyes with a Triangle shape:

For those who want to brighten their eye area perfectly, a quick and easy makeup hack is here. Instead of dotting concealer on your eye area, draw a triangle shape. Draw the triangle base under your bottom lash line and the tip above your cheek. Blend it well and create brightness under your eyes.

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