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Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby: What’s Really Behind This Type of Relationship

These are terms used to describe the two parties involved in sugar dating. Wikipedia defines sugar dating as “mutually beneficial relationships characterized by the exchange of support (financial or material) for companionship and attention”.
The very term “sugar” suggests that money is involved. That’s no small detail because what separates a sugar daddy from a man just trying to date a (much) younger woman is his wealth. On average, a sugar daddy is a man in his 50s or older, while the sugar baby is a pretty girl in her 20s.

Sugar daddy and sugar baby, you know what that is?

Sugar Daddy: The Age Difference Thing

In relationships with such a large age difference, there can be different positions. When seeing couples where he could be their father (or vice versa, mature women with young men), the thought is often associated with the phenomenon of sugar dating.

And yet, for so many cases that arouse suspicion, there is always an exception. In the case of our columnist, the example was her grandmother’s second marriage to a man thirty years her junior.

What are Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby About?

What constitutes a sugar dating relationship between a sugar daddy/mummy and a sugar baby is something besides wealth and age difference that has little to do with feelings. With few exceptions (which are actually rare), there can be room for some tenderness in a sugar relationship – a term that refers to money in a saccharine way – but mostly they are lovers bound by an actual or implied contract. Emotional involvement is non-existent except in a simulated manner. Also, read how to find sugar daddy.

In a nutshell:

  • A sugar daddy is indeed looking for sex. And since he pays for it (not just occasionally), he’s particularly “motivated” to indulge his desires, in terms of quantity and quality – translated: beautiful young girls willing to fulfill special desires.
  • A sugar baby, on the other hand, is a young (sometimes needy) girl who is rewarded with expensive gifts for her companionship(including in bed). Another thorny issue for Sugar Daddies is based precisely on the binomial “Society & Sex (for a fee, editor’s note)”: Neither they nor the Sugar Girls believe or admit that Sugar Dating is, strictly speaking, a form of prostitution and exploitation is.

The Pitfalls of Sugar Dating

However, in order to grasp the phenomenon in all its complexity, it is best to let the sugar daddies in various sugar daddy website speak for themselves. GQ US has therefore conducted a series of interviews with several sugar daddies and babies. One of them explains: “I don’t have much experience with escorts or prostitutes, but it’s like any business. They don’t smile.” In contrast, a sugar daddy forms a relationship with their sugar baby, whom they take to dinner, vacations, concerts, and so on: “Having a sugar baby is almost like having a person who really loves you.”

This “almost like” perhaps sums up the agreed-upon, fictional relationship between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby. In a sense, the one who risks emotional involvement is the sugar daddy, who must be aware that his sugar baby partner will never be his wife.

On the other hand, sex life must also be based on consent: A sugar daddy will pay, but shouldn’t mess up the deal: “No means no. Just because you pay your partner for sex, in cash or in the form of gifts, doesn’t mean that you are entitled to erotic favours”.

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