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Ten Tips to Improve Your Child’s Concentration and Focus?

Children at a younger age will find it hard to focus on a single activity for long spaces of time, they will often get distracted. That is not unusual because kids are more curious, exuberant and energetic. But it is possible to improve their attention in different ways. Here are the proven 10 tips to improve your child’s concentration and focus.

1. Reduce Distractions

Eliminate unnecessary distractions such as loud noise or TV. The environment they carry out tasks, study or learn should be as distraction free as possible. That will help the kid to engage more on the given task.

2. Divide tasks

The general tendency of a child is to refrain from tasks that seem to be difficult. So divide tasks and set a simple target. By completing simple tasks or work one by one will help to boost the child’s confidence and self esteem.

3. Make a routine

Doing an activity at the same time everyday will turn it into a habit. If he/she do the homework the same hour every day, after a while when the time comes their mind will know that this is the time for homework and they will start doing it without much hesitation and it will make easier for the child to focus.

4. Make it fun filled

Allow them enough time for fun and pleasure between tasks or activities, so they don’t feel bored. Continuous tasks and too many activities for a long time can be overwhelming and tiring for their brains

5. Enough sleep

Children need eight to ten hours sleep everyday depending upon their age. So make sure that child has enough sleep at night, and some rest during the day as well.

6. Allow some time before every task

Let them know before some time what they have to do next, allow a few minutes till they stops the current activity  and start a new task or activity. This will make the transition between activities easier and child will be able to refocus the new task more rapidly.

7. Give a break for screen time

Reduce the time with gadgets. Watching videos or video games for a long time will make the brain less focused. Instead of that find time for Playing memory game and thinking games, this will enhance your child’s concentration.

8. Healthy diets

Eating junk food or food rich in sugar makes a child sluggish while food rich in proteins makes them more active. Poor nutrition is a significant factor for lacking concentration. There are different foods that help to improve child’s concentration. Eggs, whole-grain, salmon, and bacon are good food choices for a child. Avoid caffeine and energy drinks.

9. Exercises

Keep them physically active. Physical activities such as running, cycling, playing etc. are not only good for body but also for their mind. This will help to vent out extra energy and would help the child to be less restless and he/she will focus better.

10. Praise them for their achievements

Praises will help to motivate them. It will be better if you could give them a gift for their achievements, they will be more focused and perform well next time. They should feel accomplished when they complete a task.


Like any other skill, concentration can be improved, but it can’t be done in a day or two. Try these ten tips for a while and you can see the improvement on your child.

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