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The 11 Best Things We Love About Living in New York City

New York City, the epitome of a bustling metropolis, enchants the crowds with its vibrant and esoteric character, diversity, and never-ending choices for shopping, dining out, and appreciating art and culture.

Many people worldwide aspire living in New York City. It is indeed a city many dreams of calling it home. There is no other place like New York. Though the city seems fast-paced and hectic, dwellers always find time and something exciting to do.

The reasons to love New York are numerous, so here are the top eleven reasons to love New York in the interest of order and efficiency. There’s a lot on this article, so save it and always come back to it when you’re feeling down.

Top 11 Reasons to Love New York

1. Landmarks

New York City has earned a name as the most famous city in the world. The city’s landmarks are easy to recognize even by kids. One of its iconic landmarks is the Statue of Liberty. It is not only recognized as a symbol of NY but also of the United States.

Statue of Liberty

Another important landmark is the Empire State Building. Towering 1, 454 ft above the ground, it offers a 360-degree view of midtown NY. Other important landmarks include Grand Central Station, the St. Patrick’s Cathedral, among others.

When you have free time, you can take a tour of many renowned spots in this city. These visits can help you to feel proud living in the city each time you stroll through parks and gaze at unending skyline the skyline.

2. Opportunities

Though competition is tough in New York than in other major cities, there are also a lot of opportunities. You can move to this city equipped with nothing else but your dreams and determination to achieve your goals.

For years, immigrants have moved to the city to find new life, and still today, it happens. With hard work, determination and focus, be sure to find life in New York.

In a large city like New York, you may fear being left behind. However, the truth is, there are plenty of opportunities. With proper networking, you can be sure of furthering your career at any stage.

3. Diversity

New York City is a fantastic place to meet people of all races and types. The city is America’s melting pot in terms of diversity. About 36 percent of the population originates from other countries.

When running errands in the city, you are likely to encounter people you never knew you could meet. What is more interesting is that every person has their own story about New York.

New York neighborhoods are also diverse and unique and can make one feel like they have traveled to different countries. Living in New York makes one acknowledge diversity and how it makes the world a better place.

4. Food

There are culinary options for every borough in New York. That means there are more food options in the city than you would be able to try in your lifetime. For instance, while in Manhattan with friends, you may find it difficult to decide what to grab for super.

Though New York is famous for pizza, you can still taste almost every dish from every country. However, that is not to say that the city does not have its staple food. New York has its staple delicacies like Katz Deli.

Whether the city is your permanent residence or you are visiting for a weekend, be sure to find your favorite dish in a restaurant or in a 5 stars hotel.

5. Parks and Beaches

New York has many parks and beaches that are easily accessible for people who live in the city. Central Park is the biggest of all parks, and New Yorkers have a wonderful time hanging out on grass during summers.

Parks in the city are also beautiful places for picnics, birthday celebrations, exercises, among other activities. There are also plenty of trails you will love walking during breaks away from busy streets.

There is no dull day in New York, whether in summer or winters. For instance, Bryant Park, located behind the library on 40th street, always builds a huge ice rink on the grass during winter, and the winter village life thrives with fun during the holidays.

6. Entertainment

There is a scene for everyone in New York. Whether you love jazz or hip hop, a popular music band will tour the city at some point. It has venues like Madison Square Garden, with the artist getting their start.

Other exciting entertainment venues include Met Opera, Carnegie Hall, Broadway, and Radio City Music Hall.

If you have flexible time in the city, check for a cheaper ticket to one of the venues. You can also consider watching Broadway actors perform for free at Bryant Park.

7. Nightlife

New York is indeed a city that never sleeps. After an exhausting day, it is usually essential to relax in one way or another. New York never falls short of fun places you can hang out.

From bars, clubs, restaurants, rooftops, bars are pretty fun places to go at night. Everything is available for every person, from sports bars, wine cellars, gay bars, live music, and piano bars.

Parties are also a popular part of New York Nightlife. Famous spots for parties include Avant Gardener and House of Yes in Brooklyn. In Manhattan, Tao Downtown and Marquee are two favorite nightclubs.

8. Convenience

In New York, everything is next to your door, so it’s easy to access. From a post office, coffee shop, bar, gym, restaurant, grocery store, or nail salon. All these facilities might be a walking distance from where you are staying.

You don’t need to worry about not having a car. You can rapidly learn how to navigate confusing subway with time. For instance, if you happen to live nearby a subway station, you can easily walk uptown, downtown, and across town and to a nearby borough within minutes.

If you feel intimidated by subways, you can consider taking a taxi, bus, or Uber and visit anywhere you desire.

9. Shopping

Whether you are living in New York City on a budget, there is no shortage of shopping. From downtown in Soho to Uptown on 5th Avenue, you can find affordable items.

Almost every high-end designer has one or more stores in New York. For instance, the 5th Avenue to Spring Street is where the city’s residents can find recent trends that express their unique style through fashion.

The city is also home to the world’s largest store, Macy’s Herald Square Famous hosting an annual thanksgiving parade.

10. Inspiration

Living in New York never ceases to be inspiring. Although it is the whole of the US referred to as land of unlimited possibilities, it is the New York that this statement becomes a reality.

New York has the wealthiest and most successful people in the world. When you walk the city’s street and look at the skyline, you only think about the people who made a dream come true.

The city’s spirit welcomes everyone, whether a lawyer, artist, social media influencer, banker, or investor.

Though the cost of living in New York City is higher, it is still promising to ambitious and hardworking individuals. If your dream is to own a home, you can consider these Condos for sale. You can also live in a tall residential building near Central Park; the sky might be the only limit.

11. Neighborhoods

New York is a large city. But it feels like a cluster of small towns once you get used to living there. The city’s neighborhoods have distinct characteristics and flavors. For instance, Brooklyn is famous for live music, pro sports. Eclectic eats and diverse, world-class culture.

Generally, all the five New York boroughs have something specific they offer for everyone. From vast beaches on Staten Island to the historic affluent Bronx borough, New York neighborhoods are unique.

It’s Time You Consider Living in New York City

New York City is a perfect place to consider calling home. There is a lot to do and learn while living in one of the world’s largest cities.

Living in New York City is also likely to get an insight into what you want to do in life. Remember, every dream is valid in the city. Hardworking, ambitious, and focused individuals will achieve any goal in life. This is because it’s a city with plenty of opportunities. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article. If so, be sure to check other exciting blog posts from our site.

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