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Working Mom Daily Schedule – Best Time Management For Busy Moms!

Being a full-time mom is already exhausting. You are expected to fulfill all your tasks because your family depends on you. Depending on their age, your children have different needs that only you can provide. They constantly seek your attention because of their needs. Moreover, you need to teach them valuable life skills for their physical and emotional growth. You may have 24 hours a day, but as a mother, that does not seem to be enough.

Meanwhile, some mothers have no choice but to get a job to contribute to their family’s finances. Because of the increasing amount of daily expenses, you might be forced to look for other sources of income. Or, if you aim to grow career-wise, you might find yourself spending less time with your family someday. But you can make things work as long as you manage your time well.

In this article, you will learn some working mom tips that you can incorporate into your lifestyle.

Working Mom Daily Schedule Tips

1. Recognize that you cannot do all your tasks alone

While putting all your efforts into your responsibilities is admirable, you must admit that you cannot do everything. As a woman, you want to show how independent and reliable you are because of various reasons. But sometimes, you will encounter tasks that are beyond your abilities. Or, you will not have enough time to do them all, especially if you have family emergencies or immediate deadlines.

In these cases, it would be best to look for someone who can help you out. If your partner can work on some errands for you, ask them politely. Give specific instructions if you want them to do the tasks your way.  But, be considerate when they make mistakes, especially if they are doing them for the first time. Also, you can teach your children, if they are old enough, to carry out some household chores. Doing this will not only lighten your burden but also help them become responsible and skillful individuals. Lastly, you should learn to assign some duties to your colleagues, only if applicable. Indeed, stress and time management include your willingness to delegate tasks to help you become a better parent and professional.

2. Reorganize that you cannot do all your tasks alone

If you are a working mom or a mother that is looking to go back to work, you need to ensure that your kids are safe. If they are of an age where they can go to a preschool, make sure that you opt for the same. In the last few years, working mothers have taken help from preschools to free up some time that can help them get back to professional engagements. Opting for a preschool is always better than a creche since they will be able to learn and flourish in the company of other children and teachers.

3. Schedule your daily activities first

You might think that scheduling your activities will be a waste of time. You believe that the time dedicated to that can be used for something else instead. But if you really want to know how to have more time, you must learn to manage it. Because you cannot ask for more time, all you can do is control how you spend it. You can do it effectively by listing all your daily activities and deadlines and plotting them in your schedule.

Depending on your preference, you can work on it the night before or as soon as you wake up. You can either use pen and paper or your smartphone for this, whichever is convenient. The first thing you must do is list down all the tasks, errands, or deadlines that must be accomplished within the day. This way, you will not leave anything behind or unfinished, which may cause problems if not addressed immediately. Then, decide which tasks you can do independently or give to others. Afterward, plot on your schedule those that you must do on your own. Allot enough time for each activity and try to maximize it by multitasking, if possible.

Schedule your daily activities first

4. Find an employer that offers flexibility

It is valid for you to feel the need to contribute to your family’s finances. This does not make you less of a mother. However, you must understand that there will be moments where you should focus more attention on your children first. They will need your presence most of the time, thus making it challenging to thrive in your career. Therefore, it would help to look for an employer that allows you to balance your responsibilities at your own pace.

This can be possible by being a freelancer. This will give you a chance to work according to your availability and convenience. Some typical jobs for freelancers are virtual assistants, bookkeepers, graphic designers, and content writers. If you need a company that can offer a flexible schedule for you, you can try to work for writing companies, such as The great thing about this job is that you will work at home. This means more time for your family bonding and yourself. 

5. Create good habits and eliminate bad habits

If you find full-time job management challenging, then it is much more dreading as a working mom. You have a lot of responsibilities on your plate, and sometimes, you doubt your capabilities. However, you must understand that managing your time will never be easy without dedication and discipline. Whether you notice it or not, the completion of your tasks depends on these two factors. So as soon as possible, you must strive to build good habits within yourself and remove the bad ones.

Some good habits you can try are scheduling and exercising. As mentioned above, scheduling will help you become more productive throughout the day. Meanwhile, exercising early in the morning can increase your alertness, improve overall energy, and create a better mood. However, it would help if you also strived to eliminate bad habits, like spending too much time on the internet or sleeping late. By doing these tips, you can accomplish your duties on time to still have time for your family.

6. Spend some time for self-care

Giving some time for yourself is not selfish. In reality, mothers like you also need to recharge every now and then. This does not mean getting away with your responsibilities. You are doing this to become a happy and motivated mother instead of a tired and depressed one. Other people might tell you that self-care is a luxury, but you must know it is necessary for your mental health. Without self-care, you are bound to experience mood swings, insomnia, reduced interest in things, and depression. All of these can bring more harm to you and cause problems to your family if not addressed. Therefore, one of the essential tips for new mommies that you must not forget is to have some time for self-care. Whether just reading a book or getting a massage, be kind to yourself and take a break, too.

In conclusion, moms play a crucial role in the family. They strive hard to fulfill their responsibilities, even if it means getting busy most of the time. So if you are a busy mom, you can try some practices to work on your time management. You can schedule your activities and look for an employer who offers flexible work hours. Moreover, you must recognize that you need help, good practices, and self-care. Remember that the more time moms spend being productive and happy, the more harmonious the family will be.

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