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The Breakthrough Halal Nail Polish That Allows Muslim Women to Pray

Did you know that there are over 800 million Muslim women in the world? Chances are, there are a few fashionistas who wish to look and feel their best while still respecting their faith.

To perform Wudu and pray, you have to go through a washing ritual that purifies your entire body. Surprisingly, many people don’t know that this includes your nails. So if you have nail polish on, that’s not halal!

To alleviate this issue, there is now a breakthrough halal nail polish that’s Wudu-friendly.

Interested in hearing more? Then read on! We’ll tell you all about this nail polish for Muslim women.

About 786 Cosmetics

786 Cosmetics is a company that was founded in 2017 by married couple Ibrahim Ali and Iqra Isphahani. Ibrahim actually was the one behind the idea!

Despite the cosmetics industry being so huge and prevalent around the world, he noticed that there was quite a gap when it came to serving Muslim women. Just because they were devout didn’t necessarily mean they were stark and uninterested in fashion and beauty products. Instead, it’s quite the opposite!

After realizing and identifying this gap, Ibrahim set out to serve this important niche. And from there, 786 Cosmetics was born. He aimed to create a company that focused on inclusivity, especially for Muslim women.

To highlight this objective, 786 Cosmetics names their products after the various cities in the world. At first, the couple used cities they’d personally gone to, and then started naming products after places they’d like to visit in the future.

Today, 786 Cosmetics has over 40 colors and their products are sold in over 10 countries. Needless to say, this brand has become a household name all around the world.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free

In addition to being halal, 786 Cosmetics’ products are also both vegan and cruelty-free. Their nail polishes have been certified by PETA, which means you can have peace of mind whenever you use their products.

There are no animal products or byproducts used in their nail polishes. They’re also not tested on animals!

Helping Refugees in Need

786 Cosmetics is a company that gives back. They understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has created harsh realities for many people, especially refugees.

This is why they’re donating 20% of their profits to refugee causes. Even in normal times, they’ve donated their proceeds to organizations such as UNRWA, UNHCR, the International Rescue Committee, and Islamic Relief USA.

786 Halal Nail Polish: How Does It Work?

One of their most notable products is halal nail polish. These products have been specially formulated to allow Muslim women to perform Wudu while still having beautifully polished nails, all without having to painstakingly remove them whenever they need to pray.

While it’s an industry secret as to how they’ve achieved it, 786 Cosmetics has come up with a nail polish formula that is water permeable. This means that when you get your nails wet, the water will go through the polish to reach your nails and clean them.

To prove that this formula actually works, 786 has published a video where they put their polish on an Alka-Seltzer tablet. They place the tablet into a glass of water and you see that bubbles come out of the tablet and it actually dissolves, leaving behind a shell of nail polish.

What’s great is that even though 786’s nail polish is halal, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s weaker than other nail polishes. In fact, they’ve created a non-peelable formula that resists chipping. Even if you use just 1 coat, it’ll last anywhere from 7 to 10 days!

But how do you know that this is actually halal? Well, the Kalamazoo Islamic Center (KIC) has actually tested these nail polishes out. KIC has verified that 786 Cosmetics produces 100% halal and Wudu-friendly products.

How to Use 786 Halal Nail Polish

It’s very easy to use 786 Cosmetic’s nail polishes.

First, choose the colors you want to apply. You can use normally use 2 coats, but if you’re going to pray while wearing nail polish, then just apply 1.

Wait for the coat(s) to dry and then apply 1 coat of matte nail polish on top. Wait for about 30 seconds, and this coat will be dried. But if you want the top coat to be completely dry, wait a bit longer until your nail polish gets that amazing matte appearance.

What Halal Nail Polish Is Available?

Now that you know how halal nail polish from 786 Cosmetics works, what’s available for you?

Within their breathable nail polish line, 786 Cosmetics has over 50 colors to choose from! from dark colors like Java (opaque black) to light ones like Casablanca (a pearly pink), there are definitely shades that’ll match your personal style.

Not only does 786 Cosmetics have halal nail polish, but they also sell nail care products. For instance, you can make sure your nails are strong and healthy with their Deep Nutrition Nail Treatment. They also have soy nail polish remover that’s gentler on you.

In addition, they have nail polish sets available. These can make great gifts for that special Muslim woman in your life!

Enjoy Halal Nail Polish as a Muslim Woman

If you’ve kept your nails unpolished because there weren’t any products that are halal, it’s time to end your frustration! 786 Cosmetics has come out with a great halal nail polish line that allows you to practice Islam without compromising on fashion. Their products will penetrate your nails so they’ll be purified for Wudu.

So it’s time to glam up your nails with a 786 nail polish or two. With their breathable nail polish, you’ll be able to change up your looks and still perform Wudu properly.

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