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The Extreme of Facial Plastic Surgery

Doing Facial Plastic Surgery the Right Way

People in the patient’s life should not feel obligated to question them if they have had work done after a successful face cosmetic surgery. The goal of a plastic surgeon is not to produce perfection but rather to generate cosmetic enhancements that each patient is happy with. Satisfactory outcomes generate or improve face harmony and appear so natural that the patient appears to have been born with the beautiful feature. Specific treatments in facial plastic surgery have been conducted incorrectly, resulting in severe outcomes that are neither appealing nor natural. Liposuction of the neck and submental region, facelift surgery, and rhinoplasty can significantly improve the treatment site, generating fabricated results in the wrong hands. An unnatural look after face plastic surgery is frequently the result of patient demands and doctors who undertake facial plastic surgery without the requisite knowledge or skills.

The pursuit of aesthetic enhancements should be guided by skillful hands and a commitment to natural beauty. With a focus on excellence, some providers of cosmetic surgery in Lexington, KY, exemplify the pinnacle of transformative yet natural outcomes. These experts meticulously blend artistry with medical expertise, ensuring that each intervention not only meets but surpasses patient expectations.

Often, patients would want an over-correction after treatment to diminish the appearance of particular regions of their face. They may not know that by pushing the tissues to such lengths, the results might bring undesired attention to that part of the face owing to the fake appearance. A skilled cosmetic surgeon and Cosmetic Procedures will explain aesthetics’ medical and artistic elements to patients and may even show them early photo-enhanced outcomes. You must understand the aging process throughout your life if you wish to slow or reverse it. Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon who is familiar with the process of aging might be the key to gracefully aging. Plastic surgeons aren’t in the witness protection business; they’re in the face protection industry. They strive to renew your look rather than change it in the battle against aging.

Your twenties are a time of self-discovery, which might negatively affect your skin, depending on your lifestyle. The essential thing you can do is start a skin-care regimen that includes daily sunscreen, minimal alcohol consumption, frequent exercise, and no smoking. Smoking and exposure to the sun accelerate the aging process, and the bulk of the damage you create will not be visible until later in life. Your body recognizes that your thirties might be a challenging period. Breast augmentation after childbirth, breast lifts, breast reductions, and liposuction are standard surgical procedures for this age group.

As you go into your forties and fifties, those windows will show signs of wear and tear. A decrease in volume in the face causes sunken eyes and sagging skin that was never there before. Plastic surgery in this age group aims to maintain you looking like yourself, only better.


Liposuction is a fat removal technique that removes excess fat from the body. It is widely used in facial cosmetic surgery to smooth the appearance of the neck or the region behind the chin. Most patients who have this operation discover that leading a healthy lifestyle does not permanently eliminate ugly bulges, a lack of contouring, and evidence of age in these regions. While severe liposuction can immediately trim the neck and jawline, it can also have unforeseen repercussions. The soft tissues beneath the skin will likely have an uneven texture and age the skin. The skin will produce divots and wrinkles beneath the surface if some required fat does not support it.

The Solution to Liposuction

Liposuction can be used with other operations to improve a patient’s appearance. Liposuction coupled with chin augmentation may be an excellent approach to shape the region and generate a more projecting chin when focusing on a double chin. Dr. Donath also provides Kybella injections to treat less severe fatty deposits beneath the chin.

Mannequin Look

Anti-aging procedures and treatments options improve one’s appearance as acceptable for their current age, which some prospective patients may not realize. It is medically impossible for a plastic surgeon to restore a fifty-year-old patient’s appearance to that of a twenty-year-old patient. A windswept look can arise after an aggressive facelift, in which the skin of the face is stretched abnormally taut, distorting all of the facial features. An excellent facelift restores the face’s freshness and energy without causing unfavorable surgical side effects. Furthermore, too much Botox can result in a face devoid of natural motions, while too much injectable filler can result in an inflated look that resembles a person’s caricature.

The Solution to Mannequin Look

There are various surgical and non-surgical-surgical methods available to help you seem younger. When the indications of aging are more prominent in the lower face, a slight facelift is an excellent technique to treat them. Laser resurfacing, temporary cosmetic injections, and a personalized skin-care regimen can help you seem younger. The idea is to make you appear like yourself, just younger and more rested.


Rhinoplasty is a fully transforming procedure that may drastically change a person’s appearance. The nose is lifted above the typical plane of the face and is in the center of the face. It’s also between the eyes and the mouth, which are two aspects that people notice when we talk. The nose’s appearance contributes to the overall beauty of the face, but it may also cause discomfort for individuals who loathe it. Rhinoplasty surgery, usually known as a “nose job,” is a treatment used to change the nose’s appearance. Nose surgery permanently reconfigures the internal cartilage and bone to provide a changed nasal size and form instead of non-surgical non-surgical rhinoplasty or liquid rhinoplasty.

A cautious approach to rhinoplasty is frequently the outcome of a successful procedure. The distance between the nose and upper lip is too big if the nose is made too tiny for the face, resulting in a less beautiful face. A petite nose can also be abnormally tiny compared to the rest of the face. Dr. Donath understands the optimum aesthetic look for each patient since he specializes in facial anatomy. In patients who want to grow other aspects of their face to balance the size of their nose, the doctor can undertake operations like chin augmentation and lip injections.

The Solution to Rhinoplasty

For generations, interested patients have had access to rhinoplasty. Plastic surgeons have evolved and now utilize the most accurate equipment to customize each nose to the patient’s face. Because people’s genetics play a role in determining the distinctive characteristics of their faces, no two noses should look the same.

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