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The Reasons Why You Need to Have A Root Canal and Fillings

Life is beautiful until you can’t get some sleep due to excruciating toothaches. If you have a dental cavity, your dentist will most likely introduce two terms to you: fillings and root canal treatment. These two common procedures have saved countless teeth by preserving their structures. If you need a root canal then contact cosmetic dentistry in Houston.  They are trained in the latest technologies and materials to help minimize the pain associated with this dental procedure.

While the most obvious reason for getting a root canal or dental filling is to occupy the cavity after the infected pulp is retrieved, there are other viable reasons, as discussed below.

Your tooth is infected

Tooth decay is notorious for eating through the tooth’s enamel and infecting the pulp and nerves. For severely decayed teeth, your dentist might recommend using a root canal where all the infected pulp will be retrieved, your tooth’s interior cleaned, and the space left behind filled. Mild tooth decay cases only require the dentist to drill out the portion of the affected tooth and apply a filling to prevent further decay.

You have cracks and chips on your tooth

Chipped or cracked teeth create the perfect entry points for bacteria to breed and cause tooth decay. They are also notorious for causing tooth sensitivity. If you notice that you have cracks and chips on your teeth, your dentist will clean the tooth and apply a filling to reinforce your tooth’s integrity. Fillings are also used to rebuild your tooth’s shape before fitting a crown.

Replacing old filling

Like your teeth, dental fillings are bound to wear out as time passes. It may also suffer from cracks and chips, making your teeth vulnerable to dental decay. At times, your dental filling may become loose and fall out. The average lifespan of a dental filling is about five years, after which you are required to return to the dentist for a replacement.

You want to retain your natural teeth

Dental fillings and a root canal ideally preserve the integrity of your teeth. What happens if you leave an infected tooth untreated? Eventually, you may need to extract it and choose dental implants as the perfect tooth replacement. However, you can stop the tooth loss process using a root canal treatment that repairs the damage within your tooth structure and extends its longevity as long as possible.

The problem won’t go away on its own

Whether you have a fractured, chipped, or decaying tooth, the problem doesn’t go away on its own. If anything, you will start to experience more problems with the tooth and even lose it. You might want to visit a dentist immediately for a root canal treatment or dental filling that will eradicate the problem and pain. You may experience some level of tenderness or soreness after the procedure, but it subsides with time. Your dentist may also recommend pain relievers to make the discomfort bearable.

The longer you wait, the higher your risk of a gum infection

You’ve probably been procrastinating on that mild tooth cavity that has now turned into severe tooth decay. Bear in mind that the longer you wait, the more the infection spreads within the tooth pulp. Little known to a majority of people, the infection may do more damage than corrupting the remaining healthy pulp. The infection may weaken the dentin and spread further to the gums, causing gum infection. Gum infections can be problematic and even weaken the bone structure. Risking a gum infection could have long-term ramifications that end up being costly to solve. Consider going for the low-cost root canal alternative.

Repeated dental procedures on the tooth

The more repeated dental procedures procured on a tooth, the higher the risk for future root canal treatment. Your tooth may demand repeated dental treatments after reoccurring cavities that need to be filled. The tooth may also demand repeated procedures should the already filled tooth require a new kind of treatment after discovering chips, fractures, or cracks. Your dentist will examine your tooth’s condition to see if a root canal would be the best remedy.

Other reasons, such as tooth sensitivity or a faulty crown, should warrant a visit to the dentist for root canal treatment or dental filling. Visit us at Newnham Family Dental to see if you are the right candidate for dental fillings or root canal treatment.


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