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The Truth About Flat Irons And Whether They Are Bad For Your Hair

Flat irons are a popular tool, they can be used to create sleek hair, allowing you to blend in professionally. They can also create curls, waves, and a variety of other hairstyles that help you to look your best.

In short, they aren’t just popular, they are essential for many people. But, a flat iron applies heat directly to your hair. That has led to many people asking whether they are bad for your hair.

Why Flat Irons Damage Your Hair

Flat irons get very hot, this allows them to style your hair, whether you want it straight or curly. The heat works on your hair in a similar way to an iron, slightly adjusting the structure of your hair by breaking bonds and reattaching them. In the process, it straightens or curls your hair.

Unfortunately, the direct heat on your hair also damages the outer layer of your hair and sucks moisture from your hair. This is a serious issue as your hair is predominantly proteins and water. Removing the water leaves your hair looking dull, dry, and it makes it brittle.

How To Mitigate The Issues

The good news is the flat irons don’t need to damage your hair. You can avoid any issues by investing in high-quality flat irons, such as those supplied by Oz Hair & Beauty. These flat irons have heat controls.

The majority of damage to your hair is done when it’s exposed to temperatures in excess of 300° F. Flat irons can easily exceed this temperature, allowing them to melt the shaft and create dry and brittle hair.

But, if you choose a tool with an adjustable heat setting, you’ll be able to lower the heat and still get the same styling effects. The difference is you won’t be damaging your hair in the process.

Alongside turning the heat down you should do the following:

  • Use a heat protective spray

Choose a high-quality heat protection spray and use it on your hair before you start styling. The spray- allows you to use a flat iron but it protects your hair from the worst of the heat. It’s a great way to speed up the hair styling process while protecting your hair.

  • Give it a day off

If you’re using a flat iron and hairdryer every day your hair is going to feel stressed. To help protect your hair and ensure you get the best possible results consider giving your hair a day or two off each week. That’s days when you allow it to dry naturally and style it during the drying process, without the help of a flat iron or other heat product.

It can make a big difference to your hair.

  • Take It Slow

You may feel that moving the flat iron through your hair quickly will reduce the amount of damage done. However, this usually results in repeating sections of your hair. Instead, choose smaller sections and move the flat iron through it slowly. It will give you better results.

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