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Tips for Hiring a Caterer for Your Vineyard Wedding

When planning your vineyard wedding, you want your guests to enjoy quality meals and drinks for the event to be enjoyable and memorable. The wedding catering company you hire can either break or make your wedding event. Here are tips to help you identify and hire the best caterer for your vineyard wedding:

Know the Wedding Services You Want

Before you look for a caterer, know what type of meal you want them to provide at your vineyard wedding. Some people prefer a dinner buffet, while others want appetizing finger foods that guests can indulge in while waiting for the cake cutting. Others prefer a formal dinner to be served at the reception. Knowing what you want may help you distinguish the caterers who can fulfill your vision from those who cannot.

Check the Menu Options 

All catering services are not ideal for all events, so find one that offers services that match your needs. A caterer specializing in Italian-inspired buffets may have difficulty delivering traditional Japanese fare. Review menu ideas with several caterers and discuss different menu options. Include any guest dietary restrictions that the caterer may need to accommodate. Schedule a tasting before choosing a menu. The caterer can help you create a mouthwatering menu for your vineyard wedding.

Consider the Wedding Location

Location matters when choosing a catering service for your vineyard wedding. Look for a wedding catering company with experience providing services to weddings in similar vineyard venues. If the dining area will be outside among the grape vines, make sure there is enough space and access to power for the catering company to set up and serve the food. If you select a catering company that is unfamiliar with your specific venue, confirm they can work well with the location. You don’t want to find out later that the food truck doesn’t fit through the narrow driveway arch or that the outdoor electrical hookups lack enough power for the catering equipment.

Consider the Cost of the Wedding Service

Review your wedding food budget before choosing a catering company to hire. You can start by deciding how much you want to spend on beverages and food. Consider the number of guests you plan to invite and whether you’ll have a buffet-style service, an open bar, a specialty cocktail station, or wine served during a formal dinner. Collaborate with your potential caterer to create a menu that fits your budget. Ask about collaborating with the vineyard venue owners for a possible discount on wine that the caterer can serve. Find out what is covered in the total cost, including a breakdown of any fees or other expenses, to avoid surprises at payment time.

Confirm the Staff Availability

For a catering event to be successful, it requires significant logistics and staffing. Confirm that the caterer has an appropriately sized team to fully service your wedding before signing a contract. The number of staff needed will depend on the style and size of your wedding. Discuss how many bartenders, servers, and runners will be required to cater to your guests. If your vineyard wedding includes a formal dinner, make sure there will be enough servers to cater to each table. The same applies to the number of staff members needed for serving appetizers or drinks throughout the evening.

Research the Caterer’s Reputation

To help choose a wedding caterer with a good reputation, you can get recommendations from your event planner. Conduct research on the caterer’s website to see if their brand matches the vision you have for your wedding. If your vineyard wedding is local, get recommendations from trusted family, friends, and co-workers. Read testimonials on the caterer’s website, paying special attention to comments about the food quality and vineyard-specific venues.

Find the Best Off-premise Wedding Catering Company

Choose a wedding catering service with skilled professionals that are trained to cook and serve delicious meals and appetizers. The right catering company will provide high-quality food, attractively present each dish, and have the available staffing for your wedding guest list size. You can also view the catering company’s portfolio for a glimpse at some of its past events. Find a catering brand that aligns with your vineyard wedding taste, budget, and needs.

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