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Tips to wash personalized hoodies and sweatshirts?

We have all experienced it: our favorite T-shirt damaged after going through the washing machine because we ignored the symbols for washing, drying and caring. The process of how to wash personalized clothes friends vlone hoodie and is essential to extend the life of our garments and to keep them in perfect condition. Find Here – who to wash personalized hoodies and sweatshirts

Therefore, we are taking steps to make our patterned clothes last longer.

Sort the garments by color

Knowing how to wash customized clothes will extend their life and keep them in perfect condition.

We need to do this so that the colors do not mix in the washer: this usually happens if we wash a white or light-colored shirt with several black ones. It is likely that the color of the white shirt will fade or yellow over time.

Please follow this simple guideline to separate your clothes:

  • Clothing in white, light gray, and beige.
  • Clothing in black, navy blue, or dark brown.
  • A color scheme with striking colors, such as red, blue or green.
  • Peach pastel colors, pale pink or sky blue.

In the event that force majeure forces you to mix colors, always wash in cold water, no more than 30o. Our goal is to minimize damage in this way.

T-shirts and sweatshirts are always backwards

One of the easiest ways to protect a T-shirt’s print is to use a heat press. We avoid rubbing the printed design on the drum and the rest of the clothes in the washing machine by washing the clothes inside out. This results in the dreaded print cracks.

Get used to leaving t-shirts, sweatshirts, and polo shirts inside out in the laundry basket. We don’t have to check the garments one by one to make sure they are inside out then. 

Drying by air

Dryers are very tempting: they are practical and in no time we have all our clothes clean, dry, and ready to store in the closet. In the case of some garments, such as t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts or polo shirts, this is not the best option.

By air-drying without direct sunlight, your clothes will retain their original shape, fit, cut and color. Due to the high amount of heat that this appliance applies to fabrics, the tumble dryer can shrink, warp, or discolor clothes.

 For the same reason, we do not recommend wringing out shirts or drying them on the radiator in the wintertime: intense heat deforms and discolors cotton and mixed fabrics.

The clamps should be placed at the seams of the garment and there should be a space between each garment on the clothesline. You can’t stack T-shirts and sweatshirts to save space!

After hanging the clothes for many days, the marks left by the clothespin will be more visible.

Plastic tweezers leave fewer marks than wooden ones.

Ironing from the inside out

A printed or embroidered garment should not be exposed to high temperatures, as we have already mentioned. Because of this, if we need to iron, we will do so at temperatures between 100 and 160oC, always flipping the tyler the creator merch garment inside out and avoiding the use of steam.

Don’t iron on the stamping! Both the garment and the iron can be damaged.

The symbols are washed

If in doubt, consult the clothing label to learn how to take care of the garment. Here are the meanings of the most common washing symbols. Wikipedia provides more information on this topic.

Which symbols are used in laundry around the world?

There is a global standard for the symbols used on clothing labels, and they are internationally recognized. If you buy shirts in Valencia, like the sweatshirt available in Berlin, washing symbols are international.

vlone chain and As a general rule, this guide to caring for personalized clothing is used for most garments and printing methods, but we must remember that the washing advice may differ depending on the fabric: cotton, polyester, modal, viscose … Whenever possible, choose clothing labels that are of the highest quality.


Hence it is proven that you can get your hoodies and sweatshirts softer and last longer if you follow all the tips and rules. By following these steps, sweatshirts, hoodies, and personalized clothes will have a longer shelf life.

Long live our favourite clothes!

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