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Top 10 Bra Brands in India 2024: List of Best Lingerie Companies

The lingerie especially the bra is the everyday buddy of every woman in the world.

Most women, especially in India women considered bras as just necessary inner wear. But Indian women need to focus on the type of bra while shopping. Indian women have the most versatile body shape, especially the breast. So, every Indian woman needs a perfect bra according to size and shape. You may wonder why you need to put stress on finding the best bra. Let’s see the top 10 bra brands in India with a price.

You may not know perfect fitting bra can help you to avoid any kind of breast associate problem, even breast cancer. Not only that, you cannot wear one bra to create your everyday look as well as a party look. If you are confused about bra shopping, then believe me, this problem can be solved with just a blink of an eye. In this article, you will come to know about the top 10 bra brand in India that are highly popular in 2024. Surely will be amazed after knowing how many options you can get for your perfect fitting bra.

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List of Top 10 Bra Brands in India

1. Zivame

Zivame bra

One of the most popular bra brands is Zivame. This is an online lingerie Brand which established in the year 2013. It has a huge collection for every woman and includes 100 + sizes. From girls to senior women can easily find the best bra in this destination. And the plus point of these brands is the styling of the bra.

Printed lace, solid as well as customized bra is offered by Zivame. Starting from the bracelet, push-ups, nonpadded sports bras, maternity bras, and strapless bras, all are available under one roof, which means Zivame online store. All products are highly affordable and also available on This is one of the famous Indian Lingerie brands and online lingerie shops for Indian women. Good quality Zivame bra prices start from Rs 246 in India.

  • Highest price: 897/-
  • Lowest price: 246/-

Bra Brands in India

Bra Brands

PRICE – 444Rs.

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2. Jockey Bra

Jockey | Bratabase

Jockey is another popular lingerie Brand and has millions of customers from more than 120 countries. It always has its position in the list of top Bra company names in India. In India, this brand started business in 1994, and till now, it is one of the best bra brands preferred by Indian women. This brand is especially popular for its amazing sports bra.

The sports bra collection from Jockey is highly comfortable as well as stylish. All women can comfortably use those Sports bras during playing or for their gym sessions. Different sizes are available at pocket-friendly prices and Stylish but classic styles in a sports bra can be only given by the Jockey. Jockey bras and available in the offline market, but you can buy them from Amazon. Easily. This brand is famous for its sports bra collections. Other types of bras are also available under this brand. T-shirts and everyday collections of Jockey bra prices start from Rs 339 in India.
• Highest price: 1049/-
• Lowest price: 339/-

Jockey Bra

Jockey Bra

Price – 799 Rs.
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3. Clovia – 

Clovia logo

While talking about push-up bras with a traditional look then, you cannot miss this brand, Clovia. It is a popular Indian bra band and started in business in 2013. The bra collection from this brand is most popular with young women and young girls because of the perfect fitting.

The colourful collection has become a style statement for young Indian ladies. Not only push up bra simple nonpadded bra also provide full coverage and comfort that every woman desires. Because of this reason, this Indian bra brand has its fan base. Another famous India Lingerie bra brand is popular for push-up bras. Padded push-up Clovia bra prices start from 251 rupees in India.

  • Highest price: 799/-
  • Lowest price: 251/-


Clovia bra

clovia bras for women

Price – 279 Rs.
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4. Triumph – 

Triumph Lingerie | Shop Online Women's Lingerie

Triumph is another well-known bra brand in India that offers a very wide range of super stylish bras. The designs of this bra collection are very proactive and embrace the natural beauty of every woman. This brand always follows the latest trend and fashion and includes the latest fashions in their bra collection. If you want a comfortable but Victoria collection style bra then you can check this brand. The lace bra with comfortable satin material is eye-catching. The amazing collection of bras is ideal for new brides on their honeymoon. The best part is the bra collection. This brand is pocket friendly and also available on Their super stylish bra collections are very famous. All Triumph bra prices start from Rs 680 in India.

  • Highest price: 1379/-
  • Lowest price: 680/-

triumph brand bras

triumph brand bras

Price – 1259 Rs.
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5. Amante – 

Amante company logo

This Indian brand is one of the best lingerie brands and has more than 1500 outlets all over India. The bra collection of these brands is available on the company’s online websites as well as offline stores. But you can have this bra collection on also. If you are searching for a bra for swimming or has a bikini top this brand is what you need to look for.

Younger women also can try this bra as their bikini top. A perfect-fitting yet comfortable sexy bra is the feature of this brand. You can easily give this bra to your favorite girl gang members and also your sisters. Surely, they will love this. This brand is popular for the padded bra collection which is quite amazing and comfortable. This padded bra provides a bigger look to the breast and matches up with every outfit. You can search on Amazon with these branded brand names and prices. It has over 1500 outlets all over India and is famous for Bikini bras. Most of the Amante bra prices start from Rs. 422.

  • Highest price: 1355/-
  • Lowest price: 422/-

Amante bra

Amante bra

Price – 798 Ra.
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6. Lovable – 

Lovable company logo

This is another popular Indian bra brand that is famous for its sports bra. This bra brand study is from 1987. A lovable sports bra is perfect for you if you are a fitness freak and love to do hard gym sessions. These bras are lightweight and provide full comfort during your exercise. The major fan followers of these brands are young teenagers who love to do heavy workouts to stay fit. Not only that, the other bras are also highly popular; you can easily find the bra of this brand on Amazon. At one discount price.

This brand is famous for its sports bra collection and is one of the oldest Lingerie Brands in India. The bra collection of Lovable starts above 500 rupees in India.

  • Highest price: 999/-
  • Lowest price: 640/-

Lovable Bra brand

Lovable Bra brand


Price – 320Ra.
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7. NYKD – 

Contact – Nykd by Nykaa

If you are looking for a stylish but affordable everyday bra, then you should check out this brand. Its a part of Nykaa fasion. The bra from NYKD is highly comfortable high quality as well as stylish. This bra is perfect for any outfit. Not only for daily wear, but women can also carry this bra collection on their vacations, even on their honeymoon. Because of its stylish and attractive designs, this brand has become one of the most famous brands in India. Not only that, these brands are perfectly suitable for the body of every Indian woman. These bras are also available on under a budget-friendly price. This collection from Nykaa fashion is popular for affordable everyday bras. The NYKD bra price starts from below 399 rupees which is the best seller.

  • Highest price: 1049/-
  • Lowest price: 399/-

Best Lingerie Companies

Best Lingerie Companies

Price – 349Rs.
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8. Daisy Dee – 

Daisy Dee company logo

This is one of the oldest and top bra brands in India. Daisy Dee is the best bra brand in India for big bust. This bra collection is hugely popular with the 80s women as it is India’s best affordable bra brand. This bra brand is ideal for Indian outfits, especially for blouses and salwar suits. The breast, as well as the chest, provided good shape that perfectly suits any outfit, especially the saree and salwar suit.

The soft padded bra is the perfect food for both women who have loose breasts or heavy breasts. No matter the breast size this bra can be worn by every Indian woman, especially on any kind of traditional occasion. The soft fabric is highly comfortable and this is also low price but good-quality bra brand in India. This is one of the biggest Indian bra brands which has a special bra collection for traditional dresses. Daisy Dee bra prices start from RS 87 on different online shopping websites.

  • Highest price: 346/-
  • Lowest price: 87/-

Bra Brands in India 2022

Bra Brands in India 2022


Price – 349Rs.
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9. Enamor – 

Enamor company logo

This bra brand is a combination of comfort as well as style. These bras provide the best comfort as well as style to Indian women as it is the best bra for daily wear in India. This brand was launched in the year 2003 and became too much popular. After launching their huge collection of different bras, these brands become Unstoppable.

It has a position in the top 10 bra brands in India. It has a long list of other collections with affordable prices and is also available on This brand has everyday, non-paid t-shirts, push-up sports, full coverage, front open, half coverage, basic, and other different types of bras. This variety of bra collections surely spins your head. This bra brand has a huge collection of different kinds of bras and prepares good products with a combination of comfort and style. Enamor bra price starts from rs 399 on an online shopping website.

  • Highest price: 1399/-
  • Lowest price: 399/-

Bra Brands in India

Bra Brands in India

Price – 788Rs.
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10. Van Heusen – 

Van Heusen Logo PNG Vector (PDF) Free Download

This is one of the top-selling bra brands in India with a huge collection. If you are looking for the best bra brands in India with price that fits your budget then check these brands. Van Heusen always follows the latest technology to craft bra collections. If you are looking for a good quality bra with higher durability then this brand will be your first choice. The products are manufactured with the best available fabric and several ranges are available.

The bra collection of this brand is available on with discount prices. Several kinds of patterns and fabrics are used to make the best collection of Van Heusen. This brand includes lots of categories of bras, starting from full coverage, demi cup, strapless, every day, non-padded, minimizer, balconette, maternity, push-up, t-shirt, and so on. This is one of the top bra-selling brands in India. This company provides the best durable products and have different kind of bra collections. Van Heusen bra price starts from rs. 541 in

  • Highest price: 1499/-
  • Lowest price: 541/-


Bra Brands in India Bra Brands in India

Price – 1157Rs.
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Finishing Line:

Surely after knowing all the top 10 bra brands in the world, as well as India and their collection, will be willing to buy these bras. So, my beautiful Indian ladies, don’t consider your bra as just a necessary item. You deserve the best and most comfortable lingerie especially a bra, for your everyday party look.

Increase your self-confidence and embrace your natural physical beauty with a bra collection from the top bra brand in India. Choose your bra according to your need and enjoy a lovely open yet secret world that only belongs to you. So, stay stylish and sexy with your best bra collection!

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Which bra brand is best?

Zivame bra brand is best as it has a huge customize bra collection.

Which is the best Bra company in India?

Jokey is the best Bra company in India.

Which brand bra is best for daily wear?

Several bra brands have an everyday bra collection. You have to choose a daily bra according to your comfort.

Which brand is best for a cotton bra?
Daisy Dee is best for a cotton bra.

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