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Top 4 Features of the Jaltest Diagnostic Kit

The Jaltest diagnostic kit from Cojali is a multi-brand and multi-system tool designed to facilitate advanced vehicle diagnostics and maintenance. Jaltest diagnostic kits cover heavy-duty trucks, trailers, commercial vehicles, agricultural and OHW machinery, and more. You can use the kit to perform various diagnostic tasks, from inspecting connections to clearing errors and configuring system data. Here’s an overview of the top four features of the Jaltest diagnostic kit and software:

1. Automatic Error Detection

The Jaltest truck software allows truckers and fleet managers to automatically detect system issues and error codes. When trucks have problems, a specific diagnostic trouble code, DTC, is generated. The code indicates where the problem is and can help mechanics troubleshoot the issue. Jaltest diagnostic kits are designed to read error codes generated by a wide range of trucks thanks to its multi-brand system. All you need to do is plug the tool into the truck’s diagnostic port. The kit will automatically scan and detect error codes. 

Jaltest truck software can interpret the error and point you to the issue. Automatic error detection can save you the time required to troubleshoot issues with your truck. This makes it easier for off-highway truckers to repair problems on the spot. Jaltest also offers vivid troubleshooting guides, complete with interactive wiring diagrams. You can check connections and explore repair information with step-by-step directions for locating, repairing, and clearing the error code.

2. Real-time Sensor Monitoring

Trucks have many sensors that check the parameters and positions of various parts and activities. Examples include crankshaft position, mass flow, MAP, throttle position, air flow meter, parking, oxygen, pressure, and wheel speed sensors. Others include tire-pressure monitoring, intake air pressure sensor, fuel pressure sensor, NOx sensor, rain sensor, and speedometer. These sensors can sound alarms when there’s an issue. Jaltest diagnostic tools provide real-time sensor monitoring, allowing truckers to identify potential problems. 

If something is wrong, truckers and fleet managers can see it from the detailed reports and live data pulled from the onboard computer. Real-time monitoring and diagnosis reports can help managers plan for repairs and maintenance before something goes wrong. Jaltest diagnostic tools can transmit the information back to the base, where fleet managers have a chance to diagnose issues remotely. Remote diagnosis allows managers to track their fleet’s health, authorize off-highway repairs, and improve the driving experience. 

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3. System Parameter Configuration

Jaltest aftermarket diagnostic tool can help truckers change and configure system data and parameters. Various situations can call for changing system parameters. An example is changing the truck’s speed parameters to control how fast the fleet moves. Diagnostic tools allow fleet managers to switch on/off theoretical parameters and improve the truck’s engine health and functionality. The kits provide access to various parameters needed for component actuation and adaptation, including adding new systems and parts.

You can add a dump body, PTO, or genset to a heavy-duty truck or switch to a different fuel. Such changes require changing various system parameters and configurations; otherwise, the new hardware won’t function. Jaltest truck software makes it easy to configure fleetwide parameters as it works with many brands and systems. Fleet managers can achieve uniform configurations to optimize movement, improve comfort levels, reduce greenhouse gases, and more. The kits can also be used to add new parameters or remove others.

4. Labor Time Guides

Jaltest diagnostic tool comes with Labor Time Guide, a user-friendly software for looking up labor times for your trucks. The software offers tens of thousands of standard labor times for class 8 trucks, engines, and transmissions. You can access low, average, and high labor times for each operation. The software covers everything from engine and suspension repairs to brakes, steering, and body. With Labor Time Guide integrated into the diagnostic kit, you can quickly create professional labor estimates.

You can customize the labor estimate templates, add company logos, and email labor estimates directly to your clients. You can also save the estimates in PDF formats or print them. The software features estimation tools and has a simple, user-friendly interface that works with or without an internet connection. No annual fees are involved, and the Labor Time Guide software has a lifetime license. Other highlights include a VIN decoder, previous estimate retriever, and coverage for all trucks with model years up to 2017. 

5. Get More From Your Jaltest Diagnostic Kits

Jaltest diagnostic kits are versatile tools that allow you to track and optimize your fleet’s health. The kits come with various features you can use to identify and clear error codes, monitor sensors, actuate components, and generate professional estimates. Jaltest kits also come with rugged hardware, including one of the toughest laptops on the market and a protective carrying case. The computer also has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Windows 10 Pro, and ample space for SSD and RAM.

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