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Top 4 Reasons to Invest in Pop Vinyl Funko Pop

When people think of investing in a toy company, they usually think of Mattel. But Funko pop’s stock has risen exponentially up to 80% higher compared to its IPO price. Investors who do not fear risk and bought shares after its first-day crash have been rewarded with their now tripled investments. Funko Pop stocks continue rallies after its first quarter’s numbers topped expectations of analysts.

The thought of investing in Funko Pop may be appealing to pop vinyl Australia enthusiasts. Overall, the country enjoyed a rich art culture despite the pandemic. Many predicted that commercial galleries in Australia would suffer from the lockdown, but collectors remained eager to buy.

There are many reasons to love Australia, not only for its vibrant arts scene.

One of the reasons to move to Australia is the career prospects. In recent years, it has been the economic stability of Australia and the sunny beaches that have attracted ex-pats. The economic downturn was experienced far less by Australia compared to America and Europe. Australia continues to have steady economic growth.

Take advantage of revenue growth in a high-growth niche

Funko Pop isn’t comparable to Mattel since Funko Pop targets more senior collectors with their pop culture collectibles that feature wide-ranging characters from TV shows, movies, comics, as well as video games.

Its flagship of pop vinyl figures generated up to 82% of sales last year, with the rest coming from their plush toys, T-shirts, keychains, and numerous other products. There is a great demand for these products, which has surged over the years, enabling Funko Pop to generate a continuous sales growth streak.

Take advantage of a well-diversified portfolio

In the first quarter, Funko Pop attributed its success to the popularity of new products inspired by Fortnite, Avengers, and Game of thrones. It also experienced incredible sales of its older designs of Harry Potter and Star Wars. 

Nearly half of its first-quarter sales come from these evergreen products that are not based on current shows. Funko Pop is continuously diversifying its portfolio with new products such as Loungefly, a fashion line that sells pricier items.

Funko Pop products are easy to collect since they are affordable

You only need to shell out $21. Funko Pop trades at 19 times its earnings estimates for this year alone, making it a cheap alternative. In contrast, Hasbro trades at about 23 times this year’s earnings, which makes it on the higher price spectrum relative to its growth earnings.

Pop culture will always be in demand by the masses

Funko Pop’s business model allows it to resonate with both younger shoppers who might prefer products based on more recent releases as well as adults who are drawn to their evergreen products due to nostalgia. The conclusion of the series Game of Thrones and the upcoming Marvel films such as Spiderman and Star Wars nurtures the geek culture market and feeds the long-term growth of Funko Pop. Because of this, investors who purchase Funko Pop are guaranteed to be rewarded over the next few years.

Pop vinyl Australia enthusiasts are heavily influenced by the pop culture of America. The cultural connection of these two countries goes as far back as the 1960s. The culture of America rapidly filtered into Australia primarily via music, cinema, and television shows. When America emerged in World War II as a strong economic power, it exported its cultural products to the world, including Australia.

Exhibit your pop vinyl collection in your home in Australia.

There are numerous reasons to pack your bags and moved to Australia. There is an optimal work-life balance in this country. It is currently named the best country in the world to live and work in. Australia is known for its relaxed outdoor lifestyle as well as competitive salaries. Meaning Australia will offer a quality of life that is unrivaled across the world.


Toymakers such as Funko Pop are impressive investments because of their popularity. Pop art will continue to be in demand both in Australia and overseas. The reason is its accessibility. The language of everyday life is utilized in art, and people feel an immediate connection with it. They can quickly grasp the meaning of this piece of art.

Without a doubt, Funko Pop is art. In Australia, art is anything made in or about Australia or by Australians overseas.

Australia is a country that doesn’t take itself seriously. It has shed its traditional image of beach bums for a long time. Currently, Australia is flourishing with multicultural cities, which are a hotbed for arts, cuisine, and socializing. You are assured that your pop vinyl collection will be perfectly at home in Australia. You will enjoy the live music, theater, and literature in the country. It has a diverse population that has created a delightfully vibrant culture that is inclusive of the arts and traditions worldwide.

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