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Top 5 eyewear tips to choose the best women’s glasses

If you don’t know what your face shape is, you should get this information when selecting new eyeglasses. When shopping for glasses, you might have this question “which frame style would suit me”? There are a few things to consider which include your face shape and skin tone. 

From narrow glasses to oversized frames, there are so many frame styles out there. While your personal preference also matters, if you want your glasses to look good on you, they have to suit your face shape. 

Apart from this, the purpose of buying glasses is also important. For example, whether you want glasses for reading or to play sports. 

If you don’t know where to start, see your current pair of glasses. If you like how they look on you, go for a similar frame. However, if you want a change of style tries something new.And if you want to buy glasses for the first time, you can contact which will provide you best designer glasses, you’ll get every piece of information you need in this blog.

First: Frame shape for face shape

When it comes to choosing the best frame style, you have to pay close attention to your features. For example, if your face is round, choose sharp angular frames to balance out your features. And if you have a square chin with a chiselled jaw and a straight side profile, you need round glasses to soften your look. 

If your face shape is narrow, large frames will look too big on you. Thus, you should resolve for a narrow frame. But if you have an oblong face, glasses with less height on the lenses such as rectangle spectacles will make your face look even longer. In this case, you need a square or oversized frame to bring down the length of your face. 

Whatever you choose, make sure your glasses are elevating your features and not overpowering them. 

Second: Your skin tone matters

When it comes to choosing colours for your frame, think more about hues that blend perfectly with your skin tone.

Skin tones are of two types – cool or warm. Once you identify your skin tone, finding the best frame colour for yourself will become easier. 

People with a cool undertone have a kind of pinkish or bluish effect on their skin. And those with a warm undertone have bronze or yellowish cast to their skin.

So, if your complexion is warm, frames in the shades of brown, yellow, beige, golden or olive green will look the best on you. Stay away from cool pastels or contrasting colours in white or black shades. 

But if you have a cool complexion, colours such as black, pink, silver, blue or forest green will bring out your undertone making you look attractive.

Third: Let your personality talk

In addition to helping you see clearly and making you look stylish, glasses also do the job of expressing your personality. The style of the frame you wear tells something about you to the people. 

For instance, those with round glasses are generally perceived as a nerd. And if you have a rectangular frame, then people might think that you’re the serious type. To show off your fun and funky personality, oversized glasses are the best choice. 

If you want people to take you for classy and sophisticated, then you need tortoiseshell glasses or wayfarer frames. Make sure your glasses are speaking one with your personality. 

Fourth: Count in your lifestyle

When selecting the best eyeglasses for your face, make sure they are also suitable for your lifestyle. If you have an active lifestyle, you would need frames that are flexible and could fit your active lifestyle.

If you’re a teacher, then you will need rectangular or oval frames that make you look smart and serious. For students, transparent glasses are the safest choice. Women with 9 to 5 corporate jobs should try cat-eye glasses in neutral frame shades to get a professional edge. 

Fifth: Focus on comfort

If you’re going to wear your glasses for long hours, then you need comfortable frames. This is one of the most important things to consider when buying prescription glasses. 

If your frames feel a little heavy on your nose or press too tight against the back of your ears, then they are not the ones for you. Make sure you get the right frame size to avoid the problem of loose or tight glasses. 

In case you’re buying online, ask for a free home trial from the retailer. Try out the glasses in person or use the measurements of your current frame. 

If your frame is not the right fit for your face, then you can take them to a nearby optician for a quick fix. Glasses can give you headaches and blurry vision if they don’t fit well. So, make sure your glasses are the right size and measurements to get maximum comfort and clear vision. 

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