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Top 6 Hair Care Tips For Monsoon

It is the Monsoon Season, the time to enjoy the rhythmic raindrops and showers. The rainy season sure seems fun when you are watching the raindrops fall on your car window or when you joyfully dance in the rainfall.

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Monsoon is the special season with the special care. In monsoon the humidity is high. The humidity in the air causes the hair scalp wet, when the hair scalp is getting wet there is a chance to dandruff. This affects the hair and the beauty of the person. Rain in the monsoon season is also another problem. Here are some tips to keep your hair healthy during monsoon.

1. Shampoo Properly


It is very important to keep your hair clean during the rainy season. Shampooing your hair regularly can prevent dandruff and add volume to your hair. People with oily hair should go for shampoos that balance the PH level of the scalp. Do not forget to clean your hair after getting wet in the rain. Rain water can have a high acidic level which can damage your hair.

2. Use Conditioner


Everybody knows that hair tends to get frizzy during the monsoon which makes it an important task to use conditioner. Although, conditioning the right way is also important. Avoid applying too much of it on the scalp, focus more on the lengths and the ends. Rinse it off thoroughly. You can use a comb to evenly spread the conditioner on your hair.

3. Stay Away From Styling Products


Chemicals in styling products are very harsh on our hair. With humidity in the air, these greasy products can add towards making the scalp dirty and can cause various scalp infections. So say a big no to all such products. Say hi to natural products and feel the difference.

4. Oil Properly


There are lots of oils in the market that can help with your hair this monsoon. But one must remember if your hair is very weak and you do a rigorous oil massage you are damaging your hair more. Also, what happens with oil is when you oil your hair very often you tend to over shampoo to remove the oil. This does a lot of damaged to your hair. Hence put very little oil, massage it in with the tips of your fingers and use a gentle shampoo.

5. Special Care For Frizzy Hair


During monsoon, the humidity level is very high so your hair is bound to frizz. Also, your hair tends to get wet and generally we don’t tend to wash our hair every time it gets wet. Very often one will simply towel dry their hair which adds to the frizz. You should use a slightly stronger conditioner and definitely a serum to combat frizzy hair. Wella has a shampoo, serum and mask for dry and damaged hair which works great in the monsoon i.e Wella Professionals Enrich Moisturizing shampoo, conditioner and Treatment mask for dry, damaged or straightened hair. To reduce the frizz, try using your finger pads while washing your hair and do not be very rigorous in washing.

6. Eating Right Food


Food plays an important role in managing our skin and hair. The right food can add a lot of beauty to your body and hair. Take a lot of veggies and fruits. Ensure adequate amount of protein and iron in your diet for the proper strengthening of hair. Try taking curd, spinach, eggs, fish, etc. to make your hair and body strong. Stay hydrated!

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