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Top 8 Professional Makeup Tips For Every Woman Eyes Lips Face

Certain makeup rules need to be obeyed at all costs, and at all times. Are you someone who is struggling with expressing their style? Do you feel a bit insecure when it comes to doing some newer makeup techniques since you don’t know if they truly suit you, your eye shape, as well as your face? If so, here are the top 8 Professional makeup tips that every woman can follow in her everyday life, no matter her profession, skin type, or age!

Top 8 Professional Makeup Tips and Tricks

Top 8 Professional Makeup Tips And Tricks

 1. Prime Your Eyes, Always

Just as you prime your face, you should prime your eyes. The best part? You can use your foundation primer over your lids as well! Multi-task with ease, and see how your eyeshadow stays set and in place all day long!

2. You Don’t Need To Set Your Foundation

Setting your foundation is a myth. Only women who have an extremely oily complexion should set their T-zone. Your foundation can look amazing even without all the unnecessary layers of powder. You don’t believe this? Test it out, and see for yourself!

3. Use Blush On Your Eyes

This is an amazing makeup trick that many celebrity artists tend to do. The trick is in connecting the hint of color on your cheeks precisely and gradually over the eyelid. Use the same shade of blush and sweep it in your crease. This will make the entire makeup look so much more cohesive, and it will look amazing in the pictures!

4. Lash Extensions Are Better Than Glue Lashes

Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are a huge trend at the moment. Women love them because of their longevity, as well as their low-maintenance approach. If you are a fan of volume, and you like lashes that don’t smudge, budge, or move – lash extensions are perfect for you! Once your lash tech applies them you will be left with a fluffy outcome for 2-3 weeks!

5. Bushy Brows Are A Trend

Block brows are a thing of the past. Also, women who love natural, quick and easy, as well as low-maintenance looks will love a set of bushy and fluffy brows. What do you need to do? Brush them upwards with any tinted gel you own. It will give them pigment while setting all hairs in place.

6. Lip Pencil Works As Your Lipstick

Lip Pencil

When you are running around and not having luck pairing up and matching your lipstick with your lip pencil, settle only for a lip pencil! You can outline the corners, but also take the color to the middle portion of your lips. It will end up looking even, as well as subtle – perfect for everyday wear.

7. A Blending Brush Is For Multi-Tasking

An eye-shadow blending round brush is perfect for women who love to multi-task. You can use it not only in your crease, but you can also set your under eyes with it (however, make sure that the brush is clean each and every time). You can also place powder elsewhere by doing slow tapping motions over your face. It works even better than your larger brushes.

8. Setting Sprays Work On Many Different Levels

Lastly, set your entire makeup in place with a setting spray. This item will give back radiance to the skin, will make your eyes set in place, and will also tame down any baby hairs (will act as a low-performance hairspray). You should incorporate this step no matter your skin type, and especially if you’re planning on spending 5+ hours outside the house.

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