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Top Eye Makeup Tips Which Can Transform Your from Beginner To Pro In No Time

Whether you are trying to do a makeup tutorial for your popular beauty blog or trying out your hand with the eye shadow palette for the very first time, eye makeup is something which continues to puzzle us time and again. In such a scenario, having a few tricks up your sleeve can surely be of great help as you work that magic and brighten up your whole appearance with sparkling and utterly gorgeous eye makeup. Today, we have compiled a list of 22 tips grouped under four different heads for smoothening out your journey in the versatile world of eye makeups.

Eyeliner Tips –

Getting your eyeliner right serves as one of the most basic steps of getting started with your eye makeup routine. Coupled with a perfectly drawn eyeliner, you can emphasize your eyes and fill in sparse looking lashes.

Womens Eyeliner Tips – WBO
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  • You can proceed with smudged or clearly defined looks depending upon your personal preference and the texture of eyeliner coupled with the following techniques:You can opt for the best eye makeup removers for cleaning your eyelids as a first step since it is always advisable to start on a clean slate. This needs to be followed up with the application of primer to prevent your eye makeup from smudging and thus making it stay longer.
  • Apply your eyeliner as much close to the lash line as possible to make your eyelashes look denser and as a part of your natural lash line. This technique is known as tight-lining and can be done by making a dotted line from outer to inner corner of your eyes and connecting them eventually. You can even blend the dots into an effortless soft line by using a stiff slant brush.
  • Tip of your eyeliner needs to be thin so that you can achieve necessary precision and attain the perfect shape. You can even prevent your eyeliner from crumbling by freezing it prior to sharpening.
  • A liquid liner can be extremely helpful in getting the perfect winged look. Start from the lash line at the pupil and draw a line at an angle of 40 degrees from the outer corner of your eyes. It is advisable to line your eyes using a pencil liner initially and trace it subsequently if your hand is not steady enough to exercise precision with a liquid liner.
  • The softer and creamier pencil liner is best for achieving the smoky eye look. You can also use a smudging brush for nailing that effortlessly sexy look which have been rocked by our B-town divas for ages.
  • Subtle hues in brown can impart an elegant look as your hair starts graying with passing age.
  • Last but not the least you should always tilt your face up and look downwards while applying eyeliner to ensure symmetry with every stroke of the eyeliner brush.

Mascara Tips –

Mascara can completely transform your eyes by providing you with an extra oomph factor. You can make the most of this magical wand by adhering to the tips listed down below:

Womens Mascara Tips – WBO
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  • Start with the roots of your lashes while applying mascara and wiggle your way up to the tips. This action can instantly volumnize your lashes without weighing them down.
  • You need to wait for about ten seconds prior to applying a second coat of mascara. In this way, you can prevent your lashes from getting clumpy.
  • Excess mascara should be wiped off from the wand with a tissue prior to application. This can help in avoiding the horrible spidery lashes look.
  • You need to curl your lashes before starting with the mascara by making use of a high-quality eyelash curler. Pinch your eyelash curler at the last base and hold on to it tightly while rotating upwards whenever you go in with curling.
  • The way in which you hold the mascara wand has a great role to play in determining its efficacy. You can gain thicker lashes by holding the wand horizontally whereas vertical positioning helps in nailing a natural look.
  • Whenever you pump the wand while pulling it out, you unintentionally send in air for drying out the product. Thus, it is advised to swirl the wand and prevent it from drying out fast.
  • If you want best results, then make sure you opt for the mascara application step at the very end of your makeup process.

Eye-shadow Tips –

Eye-shadow never fails to add depth and impart a vibrant dimension to our eyes if applied in the right manner. Now we are going to talk about how you can achieve the same:

Womens Eye-shadow Tips - WBO
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  • High quality brushes and products can go a long way in perfecting your look by ensuring that the makeup gets blended properly.
  • You should cleanse your eyelid using the best eye makeup remover and apply some primer prior to application of eye-shadow so that it does not crease and stays put all day long. Covering your eyelid using a white eyeliner can help you in nailing a less pigmented look as it creates an even base for your eye-shadow by cancelling the colour of your skin.
  • A dark shade of eye-shadow can be used in the bottom area of your eye whereas a well-blended mixture of medium and light shade can be used in the area above that.

Eyebrow Tips –

In spite of being an extremely underrated part of our entire look, eyebrows can be an absolute game changer as it drastically enhances our beauty quotient on following the tips laid out below:

The market is filled with numerous brow products. However, you need to pick a shade which is in sync with your hair colour for bringing symmetry to your look.

Wones Eyebrow Tips - WBO
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  • Defining your eyebrows can help in keeping your look as much natural as possible. You can avoid harsh lines by properly blending out the product.
  • A subtle highlighter can be used beneath the brow and under your arch for showing off the shape and imparting height to your brows.
  • An eyebrow gel can be of help if your eyebrows ever get out of control. Just a little bit of gel can put your eyebrows in place and make them look a lot better groomed.
  • Wet an angled stiff brush and fill your brows using matte brown eyeshadow for a bolder look.

You should finish your eye makeup before proceeding with your face for avoiding chances of your base getting ruined due to the fall-out of eyeshadow. Try to keep your lip makeup as much subtle as possible to accentuate your eyes as it is always best to emphasize on one feature at a time.

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