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Types of Simple Exercises That Will Help You Stay in Shape After You Turn 30

When you’re in your 20s, it seems to you that your youth will last forever. It’s not clear to you why older people complain of constant pain, why they moan when they get up from the floor or put their hands on the lower back. You laugh because you know that you can run over a football field lengthwise and crosswise, and then go to a nightclub and dance all night.

And then, the 30th birthday has come. The age catches you up like a train you didn’t notice coming and you realize that you woke up stiff after a night at the club, that some of your joints ‘cracked’, which had never happened before, and that some muscles you didn’t even know you had hurt you. You feel like having a rusty tin body that needs serious exercise. But, guess what? Everything is possible if you know how to do the right exercises!

And yes, we understand, it’s not like you have all the time in the world. Between work, Zoom meetings, family, attempts of having a social life, hobbies such as occasional betting on, say, the best betting sites in Finland at (this, of course, applies mostly to men – we had to include them here too because they have the same problems as women after the age of 30), and not enough hours of sleep – it’s not easy. But don’t worry. In the following text, we have selected for you a few types of simple exercises (in relation to what exactly you want to achieve), which you can do at home and which will bring you visible results!

Yoga – For Those Who Need Muscle Stretching

We are aware that we aren’t the first in this world to suggest yoga, which has really become more popular than ever in the last few years. But it happened for a good reason. Yoga is the perfect physical activity that will help you regain the flexibility of your body that’s stiff from eight hours of sitting at a chair at work, and teach you proper breathing when exercising. Thanks to yoga, your body will be easy, mobile, and slim, and you can very easily do yoga on your own, at home.

Also, the great advantage of yoga is that you don’t need many things for it. A little discipline, a yoga mat, a comfortable t-shirt, shorts, or leggings – and you’re ready!

Here are some basic types of yoga poses. i.e. asanas, and we suggest that you don’t push your body at the very start but slowly go to more demanding exercises, as your muscles become stronger.

  • Child’s pose
  • Downward-facing dog pose
  • Plank
  • Cobra pose
  • Tree pose
  • Triangle pose
  • Bridge pose
  • Warrior pose
  • Sun salutation

Pilates – To Strengthen the Whole Body

However, if you’re attracted to a little more dynamic exercises, and you have noticed that your body has ‘relaxed’ and you want to shape it – we suggest you turn to pilates. Celebrities love pilates, and if you’re determined to work on your ‘summer body’ before the holidays or vacation at sea, pilates is definitely the right choice for you! Make a playlist of music from, say, the 1980s (because those songs have an energetic rhythm), get leggings and a sports crop top, wrist weights, thigh straps, and exercise mats – and you’re set to work out!

Another good side of buying the pilates machine from is that you can find sets of exercises that you can follow and you can always do pilates in the company of friends or romantic partners.  What pilates will teach you is to find the center of your strength and a neutral, correct position of the spine and the whole body.

Lifting Weights – To Strengthen Muscle Mass

Weightlifting is mostly associated with bodybuilders and photos of Arnold Schwarzenegger from his younger days, but when done properly, it can greatly affect your muscle mass and torso strengthening. After lifting weights, it will no longer be so difficult for you to lift things, from the shopping bag to the couch you’re moving. Also, when we talk about weightlifting, we don’t only mean the famous bench press lifting, but also the deadlifting and lifting of the kettlebell, also known as the Russian bell.

Kettlebell is an increasingly popular type of weight training, and you can use it throughout your workout. For starters, try lifting a kettlebell with one hand and then the other in front of you from the position of a half-squat, then by holding two kettlebells in both hands while holding your fists like holding a barbell on your shoulders and doing squats, and finally, finish with a plank with your hands on kettlebells while raising one hand and the other alternately.

Functional Training – For Strengthening Muscles and Fitness

If you’re constantly complaining that you are no longer fit, functional training is the right choice for you. It’s becoming more and more popular, and this type of training was popularized by Mark Twight, who used this type of training to prepare famous Hollywood actors for their roles in the movie “300”. If that doesn’t motivate you enough, we don’t know what will!

Functional training is characterized by various, dynamic exercises that focus on all those functional actions that you need in everyday life – lifting and lowering loads, sitting and getting up, walking, jumping, and the like. For functional training, you need a sports top or t-shirt, comfortable shorts or leggings, kettlebell, an exercise mat, dumbbells, and discipline – and the results of this type of training will quickly delight you!

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