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Your Guide to Understanding Facelift Costs

Nevertheless, knowing all the factors influencing pricing is equally essential. Here is a breakdown of a facelift charge sheet.

There is no standard charge for a facelift in America. Several factors affect pricing, complicating the process of establishing an estimate within a city, state, or nation.

Surgeon’s Fee

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of a surgeon for a facelift procedure is roughly $8,000. However, this fee depends on:

  • The surgeon’s expertise and experience.
  • Facelift technique used
  • The geographical location of the facility

A board-certified plastic surgeon spends over a decade learning and training to earn their license to practice. Retaining their board certification and license requires upholding the code of ethics during their active years as surgeons. Thus, the more experience and qualification, the higher the surgeon’s fee. 

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However, a high charge does not always indicate quality and experience.

Anesthesiologist Fee

The full facelift procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia. The anesthesiologist is in charge of administering the anesthesia and monitoring your vitals during the operation. Part of the facelift cost goes to this specialist.

Medical Team Fee

Aside from the surgeon and the anesthesiologist, two nurses and a surgical technician assist the surgeon during the procedure. They also get a fraction of the facelift payment.

The nurses assist with wound cleaning, monitoring the IV line, and assisting with the surgeon’s needs, among other things. 

On the other hand, the surgical technician gives the surgeon tools required to perform surgical techniques. The entire operation needs each member of the surgical team to succeed.

Facility Charges

The plastic surgery practice incurs legal costs to transact business in that specific town or state. The local government collects taxes, permit and license fees, and other compliance charges specifically for medical business entities. The price of operating in a town, city, or state will reflect in the overall facelift cost.

Surgical Equipment Fee

You also incur charges for every piece of equipment used before, during, and after the procedure. Every needle, glove, IV line, hospital garment, bed, and scalpel gets recorded and tallied in the final charge. 

Tests and Assessment

Various tests performed before the procedure, including blood work and routine vital signs checkups, cost a fee. The surgeon can also request further assessment depending on your health status and surgery requirements. After the surgery, the surgeon may perform additional tests to ascertain your wellbeing.

Post-Surgery Care

You also pay for special garments, wound dressing, and other essential items to ease the healing journey after surgery. Some practices have pharmacies where you can purchase the prescribed pain medication to help you manage the discomfort.

Call Your Desired Practice for a Quote

There is no standard charge for a facelift procedure because of the variations in price allocation. The best way to find out the cost of a facelift is to call your plastic surgeon’s office. They will give you a realistic estimate of the cost


What Gets Charged in the Facelift Overall Cost?

Your facelift fee pays the surgeon, anesthesiologist, at least two nurses, and the surgeon’s assistant. Aside from the medical personnel, you also pay for the surgical facility, surgery equipment, utility bills, medication, and tests.

Some practices also include aftercare costs. Others provide aftercare as a complimentary service. You need to inquire from your plastic surgeon’s office about the comprehensive list of charges because plastic surgeon practices have varying charge sheets.

How Long Will a Facelift Last?

A surgical facelift lasts a long time. Proper care also contributes to prolonging the surgery’s outcome. You need to eat healthy foods, hydrate, sleep for at least eight hours, exercise daily and have a regular skin care regimen. The extensive nature of the work done can translate to 10 years of more youthful bliss. Remember, a facelift does not halt aging. Non-invasive facelift procedures address superficial aging. Their effect can usually last several months.

What Is the Cheapest Facelift?

Surgical facelift procedures are the most expensive. Nevertheless, they produce long-lasting results. They are also comprehensive in enhancing natural youthfulness and radiance because they reconstruct deep-seated issues. The cheapest facelift procedures are usually noninvasive. However, they only correct localized aging issues, and the effect fades after a couple of months.

Is a Facelift Worth It?

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, there is no wrong answer. Only poorly done procedures are a mistake. If you desire to remain youthful, a facelift is worth every penny. It is up to you to decide if a young, radiant face suits your lifestyle.

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