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Wardrobe Essentials for a Beach Staycation

Whether it’s getting a break from work, home responsibilities, or other activities that take most of your time, a quick but quality staycation can help recharge and rejuvenate you.

So, start shopping for beach dresses online, pack your bags, and get ready for a leisurely beach getaway.

Let the Sunshine in

Getting some sun can have advantages not only to your physical health but also on your emotional and mental wellbeing. Exposure to sunlight can increase your serotonin levels, boost your mood, and keep you calm and focused.

Going on a beach staycation can be a solution if you want to maximize the benefits of moderate sun exposure. Aside from the phototherapy that you get, you can also enjoy the opportunity of spending some quiet alone or bond with your loved ones.

A staycation can be the ideal solution when you do not have much time to spare or do not wish to travel so far just to get a break. You can rent a private chalet in Abu Dhabi, for example, or stay at a friend’s seaside villa somewhere away from the chaos of the city.

When you’ve finally decided to go, the next thing you need to prepare is your wardrobe.

Part of feeling good is being comfortable with the clothes you wear. You should make sure that you pack clothes appropriate for the place and the weather you are going to. Go for timeless pieces that you can mix and match. Doing so will make it easier to put together an outfit for a daytime outing or an evening affair.

Here are some top tips on wardrobe essentials you must pack for a beach staycation:

1. Tops

Pack tops that are light and airy for daytime excursions and ones that can provide you with some warmth for chilly evenings. Consider packing some sleeveless tops and tunics or full-sleeved chiffon blouses and boho tops.

Liven up your wardrobe by choosing tops with delicate details such as appliques, embroidery, lace inserts, or metal sequins. Choose ones made from organic or recycled cotton, linen, or other breathable fabrics.

2. Bottoms

Pair your tops with versatile bottoms such as pretty cotton or linen shorts with lace inserts, a pleated waist, detachable belt, or hand embroidery. You can also choose to bring wide-leg trousers, cropped pants, or a pin-tuck skirt. Going for basic colors will also make it easier to pair these with almost everything.

3. Dresses

Achieve that casual yet sophisticated staycation style by packing some resort wear dresses. Go online and find dresses with unique designs and which are made from sustainable materials for that fashion-with-a-purpose vibe.

Choose from embroidered linen mini dresses and tunics to long and flowy maxi smocks and kaftans. Whether you like it fitted and figure-hugging or casual and loose, there’s a beautiful beach dress that would be perfect for a brief seaside escapade.

4. Outerwear

You should also have something to throw over your swimsuit.

Pack beach cover-ups, jackets, or kimonos to provide some protection from the sun (or prying eyes). Stroll in style from your resort to the beach in a delicately embroidered maxi kaftan or a backless cut-out mini-dress. For cooler evenings, you can also put on a belted waistcoat or a quarter-sleeve embroidered summer jacket.

5. Footwear

When going to a beach destination, make sure you wear comfortable shoes.

It’s also a plus if you bring footwear that doesn’t mind getting wet. Strappy sandals, stylish thongs, or slip-on water shoes are some of the most popular choices. For more formal activities, you can choose to wear platform wedges or ballet flats.

Resort Wear for All Seasons

When purchasing beach or resort wear, it would be ideal to consider going the sustainable route.

These days, you can shop online for sustainable tops, bottoms, dresses, cover-ups, and accessories that are ethically made and sustainably sourced. Investing in these pieces not only helps you curate a timeless wardrobe that you can wear for several seasons, but also is better for the planet. 

Soon, you can enjoy beach excursions with a wardrobe that is both sustainable and stylish.

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