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Watch Guide for Beginners: 5 Basic Wristwatch Categories

Watches have transcended from barely a device with springs and gears that can tell the time, they are now regarded as fashionable pieces. Over the years, an interest in the industry has grown, sparking competition and subsequently higher quality. Watches have an edge over phones. First, watches are of strategic importance. You wear them at social and business events and they make you appear gentlemanly. 

Plus, you don’t have to look for a watch. It won’t slip out of your pocket or purse or when wrapped around your wrist. Watches are not only a device, but also a piece of jewelry. These are often real treasures made from precious metals, but they go far beyond the sophistication of gold or platinum.

Wearers have worn the same watch for decades and treat them with care to pass on to their heirs. Every year, all sorts of brands, models, brands, and variants are launched for a large number of markets and submarkets. This presents the question, what type should I buy? Here are some wristwatch categories you should know. 

  1. Racing Wristwatches 

Racing wristwatches are made for those individuals who love to take part in various types of racing events. Although this is not a popular category of watches, racing watches still have a lot of following. Some brands like Tag Heuer manufacture wristwatches that are specially made for car race drivers. 

They can come with a leather strap, stainless steel, or a plastic strap. There are other straps specially designed for racing so they can be comfortable and secure on their wrist while they are wearing it. A racing wristwatch can be customized by engraving individual letters that represent individual teams or tracks that you may be watching. You might even want to see your favorite race team’s logo represented on the face of your watch. Some people like to add sponsor logos to their racing wristwatches as well. There are all kinds of different types of racing wristwatches out there so it really depends on what type of sport you are watching and what type you will be attending.

If you are trying to decide on which type of watch to purchase, you may want to visit a local store to try out some of the watches that are available. If you can’t find the wristwatch that you want in the store, you can just visit a website and browse through the many different types of watches that they offer. This can give you a good idea of what type of watch would look good on you. 

  1. Dive Watches

A Dive watch is designed to withstand heavy shocks and violent swells, this watch can show the wearer but depth and pressure, plus other measurements too. One distinctive feature is the high water resistance. It is a watch designed for a specific task or activity. This is a watch that divers and deep divers can especially wear to work. Diving watches are not only adjustable but also work like a clock. Hundreds of meters in the water.

In fact, a diver’s watch is not just a watch, it is also a safety device. Diving and deep-sea diving rely on very accurate records of the time divers spend underwater. Diving watches use heavy stainless steel or other durable materials that can withstand standard currents without leaking or damaging the movement. Some are equipped with special valves that allow the helium to escape during prolonged immersion using a decompression chamber. Divers watches are handcrafted in a very simple way and the markings and numbers are large, clear, and simple. 

  1. Pilot or Aviation Wristwatches

Pilot or aviation watches were originally made to be worn by pilots, so they would keep track of their flight time. These were especially useful for combat pilots. Unlike modern aircraft with pressure and other equipment on board, flight attendants at the time wore thick leather clothing, thick safety goggles, and oxygen masks to protect against oxygen starvation. As technology advanced, pilot watches that can be worn by civilians were also designed. 

Like a field watch, it has a rugged government-approved design. The pilot’s watch has a very large dial with a diameter of about 55 mm. Another feature of pilots’ watches is a bracelet that looks like a small strap. This is because the watch needs to be worn over a brightly colored heavy flight jacket. 

  1. GMT Watches

GMT watches are especially for pilots to calculate the time when in a different timezone. The GMT watch was pioneered by Rolex for pilots on behalf of Pan Am for international flight crews. GMT was introduced in 1954 in response to the growing challenges of international time monitoring facing the aviation industry at the start of the jet engine era. 


The brand is another factor you should consider when buying a wristwatch. Like other consumer products, watches are known for their brand and characteristics and shapes. And, as with clothing, cars, and wine, labels are often used where quality is more important than quality. 

This also applies to watches, as some watches and brands are associated with celebrities, historical events, and technological advancements. They are highly crafted and sometimes produced in a limited amount. Make a thorough research before purchasing a particular brand of watch.

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