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Ways To Make Your Wedding More Sustainable

You’ve set the date, now it’s time to plan your dream wedding. Before you start booking the venue and selecting your flowers, you may want to consider choosing some more sustainable options. This is because the average wedding is extremely wasteful. In fact, it can produce about 400 pounds of garbage and even 63 tons of carbon dioxide. Fortunately, there are ways you can make your wedding more sustainable. Read on to find out.

The right décor can make the venue even more perfect. However, buying a lot of new items can not only be expensive, but also wasteful. Instead, consider purchasing used wedding décor for your reception. Check out Facebook Marketplace as well as groups on the platform that may be selling items from a former bride. Alternatively, you can upcycle items from your home. For example, mason jars, wine bottles or glass jars can make beautiful centerpieces.

Although your reception is sure to be a blast, it is likely to use a lot of electricity. For this reason, you may want to try utilizing candles, which can help provide a romantic glow. If extra light is needed, opt for LED light bulbs, as they are more efficient than regular light bulbs.

Make your wedding more accessible for guests by providing a shuttle service. This can help guests reduce carbon emissions as well as ensure they get to the venue on time. For additional ways you can make your wedding more sustainable, see the accompanying resource.

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