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What Are Men of Style Wearing Today?

It is a fact that the fashion of men has changed drastically throughout the years. But there are a few essentials of male wear that have not gone out of fashion. In the end, when it comes to it, what’s old will always be new? It isn’t easy for you to stay on top of modern fashions when looking back to the past for ideas and inspiration on how to dress today.

We have compiled a the following list of eight classic male fashion unspeakable merch items as well as new fashion tips and tricks that you can employ when wearing them:

Top 10 Men of Style Wearing Today

1. The Leather Jacket

This classic piece has been worn by fashion icons like James Dean, Steve McQueen and James Bond (notably Sean Connery). But, the classic has seen a change over time and has undergone significant changes. For a fresh look for you leather jacket consider pairing it with slim trousers or jeans instead of full-length pants. The simple t-shirt beneath allows for versatility that can be customized according to your individual style (whether you want to keep the cut clean as we have here, or opt for a grunge-inspired look). When you’re done add some trendy accessories like earrings or sunglasses that will set you apart from others who simply put their leather jackets without thinking about their entire ensemble.

2. The Pocket Square

Though many men don’t bother with pockets squares they will are never out of fashion. Remember, this accessory should not be used as a secondary accessory, but rather as an opportunity to add some personality to your attire. If you are looking for a new fashion accessory, then you need to add a pocket square. The pocket square is one of the most elegant and versatile and can easily be used with a variety of different outfits. With Dandyandson, you have the option of choosing a Pocket Square with a modern, edgy look or a more classic look. This is a great choice for anyone who wants to make a unique statement every day. You can purchase the pocket square in a variety of colors and patterns, with each one coming with its unique composition of fabrics. If you’re wanting to stick to a classic style go for a plain and white square of pocket that is matched to the hue of your shirt. Or put on a pattern when you’re feeling adventurous.

Tips for styling: Don’t put your pocket square inside your pants pocket. Instead, put it to put it in the breast pocket on you suit jacket.

3. The Blue Suit

If you didn’t know that suits for men are available in a variety of colors, in addition to gray and black. Although these two colors are the most commonly used, we would suggest getting a blue suit since it is a great fit for any man and is thought of as one of the most flexible styles available (it is a great match with everything from formal accessories and neckties to casual golf wang T-shirts and sneakers). If you’re not thrilled by the thought to wear a dress suit go for indigo pants for a dress instead.

Tips for styling: Wear your blue suit confidently as it’s always appropriate. If you’re not comfortable with the color or feel overwhelmed by its strength wear it with lighter shades or neutrals like white, gray, or tan.

4. The Trench Coat

The classic raincoat can take every kind of rain, and will always look classy regardless of how long it’s been in your closet. While this model is available in many shades, we suggest choosing darker shades to make sure you can wear it all year long (we recommend buying it in navy, black and deep brown). Don’t overlook the classic style of raincoat is getting modernized because of brands such as Burberry as well as Aquascutum.

Style tip Dress your trench coat with the sleeves open to showcase the clothing underneath to create a chic appearance. If you’re looking for an even more practical and practical outfit, go to wear it buttoned and tied at the waist.

5. The Casual Suit (Chinos + Blazer)

With the right style techniques, you can transform Chinos into a professional look when you pair them with a jacket. In the beginning make sure you add some personality by putting on an outfit of vibrant Chinos instead of simple Khaki. Then, keep the lower portion of your look neutral by wearing formal footwear and belts that complements or compliments your pants. Also, don an unisex jacket (or take a risk and put on a striking color) to complete the look to wear for play or work.

Tips for styling: Make sure you think about your accessories when you pair your jeans with a jacket. Like this take the briefcase rather than putting everything into a bag like a backpack or messenger bag, as it looks more polished and professional.

6. Pea coat Pea coat

The length of this coat is greater than other jackets making it the perfect choice for staying warm on those cold fall evenings and cold winter days. You can’t be in the wrong direction with this navy coat, but we suggest you to mix and match your fall outfit and experiment with different colors like green or khaki.

Tips for styling: Pea coats look fantastic when paired with boots and jeans. Wear it for casual occasions such as at the office or dates with your favorite someone.

7. The White Dress Shirt

You won’t be disappointed wearing white as it is stylish and contemporary. When you’re there, make sure to keep your look classy by putting on a tie as often as you can (or take off the neckpiece completely if you want to be bold). Also, make sure to wear your dress shirt with formal items like dark gray pants an edgy blue blazer and black formal shoes. It is also possible to wear this outfit in summer using bright suspenders instead of a traditional tie.

Styling tip: Are you tired of wearing a white shirt and pants? Wear it with sneakers, jeans or boat shoes to make an effortlessly cool outfit that’s sure to make heads turn at any social gathering.

8. The Chukka Boot

Whatever color you choose (we recommend black or brown) the boots will always be elegant due to their clean form and casual style. Additionally, they offer maximum comfort, meaning you don’t need to sacrifice style to practicality. Although most men are inclined to pair these with jeans however, take a moment to feel free to test various kinds of pants, such as pants or chinos depending upon the event.

Styling suggestion: Is your attire too basic? Make it more interesting with the classic boot by combining it with slim jeans that are cuffed along with a gray shirt and the blazer that is tan to create a chic style that is sure to attract attention regardless of where you go.

9. The Bomber Jacket

Its American air jacket ideal to provide warmth in the winter and autumn because of its thick outer material. It’s also an incredibly versatile piece, it’s possible to wear it with casual outfits like jeans and sneakers or more formal outfits such as loafers and chinos. Additionally, we recommend purchasing the piece in darker colors (we are a fan of deep brown and olive green) to ensure that it is able to be worn with every other piece of clothing you own.

Tips for styling: Make sure to try different types of pants when you wear this jacket. For instance, pair it with slim cuffed jeans (as shown here) for a chic outfit that’s perfect for almost any casual setting.

10. The Reversible Jacket

If you’re not aware, Rag & Bone has been raking in the dough by introducing a fresh approach to the reversible jacket in recent years. In reality, we are awestruck the moment classic garments are updated to the point that they look more fashionable in appearance and are less bulky. In addition it can be a great accessory for transitional clothing since one can dress it during the four seasons.

Conclusion Paragraph:

Each season, we’re curious about what men wear and how they dress the men they admire. For this season we’ve created five fashionable styles that you can test out for yourself or with your partner. Do you have any thoughts of these trends? Did they pop up to your radar too?

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