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What Are the Top Halo Engagement Ring Trends for 2023?

Halo settings with their sparkle and style are a stunning choice for a diamond engagement ring. They typically feature a square, oval or circular centre stone surrounded by an entire loop of smaller diamonds.

When coloured gemstones encircle the main solitaire, they create a visually stunning contrast in halo engagement rings. These rings are available in a variety of styles, namely:

  • Classic halo with a single diamond loop around the centre stone
  • Vintage halo reflects a regal and antique touch
  • Gemstone halo where coloured gemstones replace diamonds to form the halo
  • Floral halo where the halo design is inspired by nature to resemble a flower
  • Double halo has two loops of diamonds or gemstones encircling the centre stone
  • Unique halos are designed to reflect your style and personality
  • Hidden halo wherein a diamond loop is placed just below the centre diamond

Recommended Features

While sourcing a halo engagement ring, specifically look for the listed features:

  1. A ring where the halo diamonds match the cut, clarity, and colour of the centre stone to avoid pronounced contrasts
  2. An exciting design featuring coloured stones like rubies, emeralds, or pearls as the setting
  3. A round or emerald cut centre stone offers perfect symmetry with its stronger visual presence

Trending Picks For 2023

The top halo engagement rings guaranteed to make your loved one blush as you take the proposal plunge in 2023 are:

Platinum Diamond Pear Shaped

This vintage design gives your ring a timeless sparkle to create a dazzling and unique look. A spectacular pear-shaped diamond is placed at the centre of a beautifully polished platinum band with a halo of smaller diamonds around it. The ring’s shoulders are studded with glittering diamonds to lend a charming appeal.

White Gold Diamond Aquamarine

If you are looking for a distinctly striking engagement ring, this sensational table cut aquamarine diamond crafted in white gold is sure to impress. The aquamarine diamond is set in an 18-carat white gold band and surrounded by a halo of sparkling round diamonds.

Diamond embellishments are also visible across the band’s split shoulders. The ring delivers a truly breathtaking sparkle as the embedded stones reflect light, and their brightness shines through at all times.

Vintage Diamond in Yellow Gold

Encircling a one-carat solitaire diamond is a halo of smaller round shaped diamonds. These are both set in a yellow gold band with an intricate vintage design. The look created has a timeless appeal, so you can confidently display this beauty even in 2023.

Modern Platinum Diamond

You need an ideal token of true love to take your special someone’s breath away. This timeless platinum diamond halo design has a contemporary sparkle with a beautiful round diamond taking centre stage.

The latter is set on top of a polished finish platinum band with a split shank frame and secured with a modern four claw setting. A halo of brilliantly cut diamonds surrounds the centre stone, plus the ring’s shoulders are studded with channel set diamonds in a swirl pattern.

Platinum Diamond Marquise Cut

An incredible sparkle is what this gorgeous halo ring promises, thanks to its glittering marquise-shaped centre diamond. Even its halo of smaller diamonds is dazzlingly eye-catching. These are set on a band with a platinum polish, and equally stunning diamonds embellish the shoulder sections of this ring.

Gold Diamond

18-carat gold adds a touch of luxurious sparkle to your diamond halo ring. While a dazzling diamond in a four claw setting holds pride, encircling it is a contemporary halo of more diamonds.

The double row band with its 18-carat gold polish makes an elegantly striking impression. Since the ring’s shoulders are also embellished with sparkling diamonds, this ring becomes a fitting expression of your eternal love.

Trilogy Halo

Trilogy engagement rings guarantee ultimate sparkle as the centre diamond has two perfectly calibrated shoulder stones placed on both its sides. Each of the three large diamonds has a halo of sparkling smaller stones intricately placed around their border.

Whether these stunning gems are set on white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum bands, they are a sure shot heart stealer. Its show-stopping look defines this unique engagement trilogy halo ring.

Twisted Halo

When you desire an engagement ring that stands out for all the right reasons, this refined, timeless, and uniquely twisted design is your best bet. The twisted diamond-studded band is not too chunky, ensuring its central diamond and encircling halo grab all the attention.

Source the trendiest halo engagement ring from experienced jewellery specialists who craft unique pieces.

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