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What Is a Double Cleansing Facial Treatment?

Do you know what double cleansing is?

Double-cleansing is the practice of washing your face with an oil-based product before a water-based cleanser. It offers a balanced treatment by preventing your skin from producing too much oil.

The practice of double cleansing depends on your skin type and your facial problems. Double cleansing can be a great addition to your night routine. Looking to optimize your skincare routine? Read on to know more about double cleansing facial treatment.

What Is a Double Cleansing Facial Treatment?

Double cleansing facial treatment is a method of washing your face twice. You use an oil-based cleanser first. Then, you apply a water-based facial cleanser. Double cleansing ensures to remove all the dirt left on your skin. It prevents you from getting acne, whiteheads, and other facial skin problems.

The oil-based skin cleanser eliminates oil-based grimes like makeup, oil, and dirt. You then go in with water-based products to hydrate and exfoliate your skin. Practicing double cleansing gives a thorough clean on your face. It allows the facial cleaner to penetrate your skin and do its work to treat your facial problems.

Who Needs to Practice Double Cleansing?

You don’t always need to cleanse your skin twice. As mentioned, it’s a method of ensuring to remove all excess impurities on your face. Double cleansing provides different results for different skin types.

Consider your skin type and concerns before choosing products to use. Using the appropriate skin cleansers prevents you from damaging your skin. Experts in dermatology suggest those who wear heavy makeup double cleanse their face. This ensures that no dirt will stay and clog up your pores. Failing to cleanse your face can result in acne, whiteheads, or blackheads.

How to Double Cleanse?

Start with clean and fresh hands. Go in with cleansing oil or balm for your first wash. If you have sensitive skin, you may opt for micellar water instead. Apply the product on your face using your hands, a soft cloth, or a cotton pad. Massage the product into your skin in a circular motion for at least a minute.

Ensure to apply it on the area surrounding your eyes and skin near your hairline. Rinse off the product with lukewarm water to avoid dehydration. You can use also opt for a soft cloth. Leave your skin damp before applying your water-based facial cleanser. Massage it as well to your skin for a minute. Wash your skin with lukewarm water again and pat dry.

Double cleansing is best done at night after a long day of running errands and wearing makeup. However, you can do it in the morning, too.

Benefits of Double Cleansing

Double prevents the build-up of bacteria from the residues of products you put on your face. It saves you from having a breakout. This method also allows the product to penetrate deep into your skin.

Quick Guide to Double Cleansing

Double cleansing is a great way to remove all impurities on your face. It ensures that you have a fresh palate to start with before you go in with all your treatments and serums.

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