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What Should you Wear While on Period for Comfort?

There are countless wonders of being a woman, but choosing what to wear during your menstrual period isn’t one. During the few days, when Aunt Flo is in town, you need a mix of comfort and style. But let’s get this straight: there is no right or wrong way to dress during your period. 

Most women’s apparels are rarely designed with the menstrual cycle in mind. Skinny jeans, pencil skirts, and dresses are all fine any time if the month but pose an unnecessary discomfort during periods. Luckily, there are other clothes in your wardrobe that are acceptable and perfectly comfortable during those few days of menstrual flow. 

First things first: choose the right underwear

Which underwear is best for periods? 
Do I need a period panty?
How much does it cost?
Is it hygienic? 

These are some of the common questions among menstruating women. Accumulating scientific evidence reveals that the best type of underwear for a period must offer comfort. This is why layered cotton underwear is the most recommended. Cotton is breathable and highly absorbent. Whether you use tampons, pad, or leak proof underwear, cotton is the fabric of choice. 

Does your favourite underwear look like a crime scene after period mistakes? Tampons might leak, and pads shift position. This is why you should opt for a high-quality period underwear. Even when your period is heavy for one day, this type of underwear is designed to handle it effectively.

Comfort and cuteness are important when it comes to preventing period mishaps that will make you dread walking across the quad. You can choose a cotton underwear to feel comfortable all day long. Be sure to pick the right size to avoid possibility of leaks and period mishaps.

What else should you wear while on your period?


Many ladies love denim. Though it may not be the best fabric with your menstrual flow, there are some benefits to wearing jeans. Throwing a pair that fits well and doesn’t make you feel like your tampon or pad is at risk of slipping off is a good way of forgetting about your period, particularly when in public. You will want to avoid a tight pair of jeans that’s not breathable. 


Most women have never worn sweatpants outside their house and consider them socially unacceptable clothing. During your periods, particularly when there is no reason for you to go out, it is sweatpants time. There is nothing more relaxing or comfortable than resting on your couch on your sweatpants, accompanied by Netflix and chocolate-covered candies!


Leggings are not exactly sweatpants but offer the comfort of sweatpants. You can easily pair them with professional-looking shirts and blouses. They are breathable, movable, and super chic. No one would ever know you are on your period. 


Whether on period or not, getting dressed can be a hustle sometimes. However, with an easy piece that ensembles, like romper or jumpsuit, you no longer need to struggle in the morning. Something like this is easy to dress up or down and forms an excellent foundation for jewellery and pretty accessories. 

The truths about getting dressed during your period

Between being mindful of possible leaks and the mood swings associated with periods, it can feel impossible to choose the right clothing, especially since every lady’s period and body needs are different. This limits your wardrobe choices during the few days of menstrual flow. But not anymore. Here are the truths about getting dressed during your period. 

If you’re bloating, cue the potato-sack apparel 

Some clothes may not fit for a few days or week each month if bloating hits you during periods. It’s wise to avoid tight skirts and pants. No light or pale colours either. Just wear something comfortable or even baggy for the few days you have menstrual flow. 

That’s fine unless you are strictly a pants girl

Most girls don’t want to wear anything tight or too loose. After all, no one wants their pad to shift out of place. So, no dresses or shorts. Wear fitting pants just to be sure that your pad stays in place, as this minimizes instances of leaking. 

Whenever in doubt, all-black is the way to go

Wearing white, especially during the last few days of the menstrual cycle, seem to signal Mother Nature that it’s time for your period. And this might happen when you forgot to tuck in a pad or tampon in your purse. Whenever in doubt about the onset of your period, don’t wear light-coloured bottoms. 

Winter wears are somewhat kinder than summer ones 

Generally, getting dressed while bleeding isn’t an issue in the cold winter months. This is because the fabrics are dark and heavy enough to hide possible stains and leaks. Thick pants keep your pad well-hidden and in place while long sweaters offer camouflaging security. 

Dressing during a period in summer is challenging for most girls. Day 2 and Day 3 make pad or tampon wearing futile. Besides, light fabrics and light colours are more likely to betray you in case of an unanticipated leak!


How should you dress during your period? Should you sacrifice comfort for fashion, or sweatpants are the best option? Most women face these fashion dilemmas when in their periods. But now you know how to strike a perfect balance between comfort and fashion during your period. Right, ladies?

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