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What to Do Before an Electrolysis Hair Removal Procedure

The demand for hair removal treatments continues to rise every year, especially since looking bare and furless has become now a trend for both men and women. Some temporary solutions, such as tweezing, plucking, and waxing, remain popular. However, more and more people are seeking permanent alternatives, like electrolysis.

Electrolysis hair removal is gaining traction in the skincare industry for being relatively painless and more permanent. It works by applying an electrical current for two to 10 seconds into the hair follicle using a tiny, flexible needle inserted in it. After the hair cells have been destroyed, the growth is later removed using tweezers.

Once you decide to undergo this procedure, you must learn the six important things you need to do before the procedure to avoid any complications and help you get the best possible results.


Before the Procedure

As with any other procedure, there are certain steps you need to take to prepare before undergoing electrolysis hair removal. These include:


1.     Consulting specialists and obtaining cost estimates

Before booking an appointment with the best permanent hair removal center in your area, you must first undergo a consultation with a specialist. During your meeting, the hair removal technician should be able to explain how the treatment will proceed.

This is also the perfect time for you to ask for a cost estimate. The price range of an electrolysis treatment depends on different factors, such as the size of the area to be treated. Some centers also charge by the minute while others charge per session.

During your consultation, you can also assess a service provider’s expertise and experience in performing the procedure by asking questions such as:

  • May I know your credentials in electrology?
  • How many years have you been performing the procedure? Have there been any complaints?
  • How long have you been performing different types of electrolysis treatments?
  • Can you provide past client references whom I can talk to?
  • Can you do a test patch? Does it come at no extra cost?


2.     Picking the area to remove hair from

Electrolysis can remove hair from almost any part of the body, so you have to decide which areas to focus on. It would help to list down the areas in question and ask the technician to give you some advice on the matter.

Some of the most common spots for electrolysis hair removal include:

  • The jawline
  • The sides of the face
  • The abdomen
  • Underarms
  • Bikini areas
  • Ears and other hard-to-reach places


3.     Forgoing temporary hair removal days prior to the procedure

It is okay to remove unwanted hair using tweezers roughly two to three weeks before the treatment.

Shaving a week before the treatment date is also fine. In fact, it is recommended that you shave the area to be treated four days beforehand. Remember to avoid all other temporary hair removal methods from then on and let the hair grow out to make pulling the hairs easier.

If you should require other treatments for any reason, be sure to consult with your specialist first.


4.     Drinking plenty of fluids

Drinking lots of water for an entire week is also necessary before undergoing electrolysis. This is because well-hydrated skin can boost the effects of the treatment.


5.     Suspending the use of personal care products on the area to be treated

Deodorants, lotions, creams, perfumes, and oils should not be applied on the spot to be treated. Keeping the area bare will ensure that the hair follicles will stand more upright, making the hairs easier to pull out.


6.     Taking a bath before the treatment

It is also highly recommended that you take a shower or bath before your appointment to get rid of dirt and residue from chemical-based products on your skin prior to your appointment.


A Final Word

Aside from knowing what you need before undergoing the treatment, you should also know what will happen when you lie down on the procedure table. Ask the technician what you can expect or look for electrolysis hair removal videos to watch online.



Mariela Marcantetti is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Furless with centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The company offers the latest and only FDA-confirmed treatment to provide permanent removal results to unwanted hair. Mariela is deeply committed to responsible corporate practices and has an active role in her staff’s professional and personal advancement within the electrolysis field and beyond.

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